Few days until The International 2019 group stage begin. Hype Is in the air, teams are getting ready, viewers all around the world buying all possible snacks from nearby shops.

Yet, we are still working, and today we want to show you another info-graphic dedicated to the 2018-2019 DPC season. This time, we want to talk about the most successful heroes who helped their team to get very important victories.  

Most successful heroes in 2018-2019 DPC season

For this statistic, we reviewed matched from minors, majors and their respective closed qualifications. To exclude insignificant heroes, we have filtered this list by a minimum of 15 games played.

  • Quite surprisingly, offlane Lone Druid dominates this info-graphic with an insane 84.2% win rate. NIP.33 is the most memorable player who constantly shows a good performance on this hero.
  • Omniknight is the second most successful hero in our info-graphic. This hero joined the professional Dota 2 scene at the end of the DPC season, but instantly become insanely popular among the teams in all tiers.
  • Shadow Shaman, who was most popular as a soft support, made it to our list as a position 5 hard support. In 62 games he was picked, he showed a very good win rate of 74.1%


What were your favorite heroes throughout the DPC season? What heroes are you surprised not to see in this info-graphic?

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