Do you want to play mid and demolish opponents in your games? We will help you find out which heroes have the best Kill/Death/Assist ratio in the games of your rank.

Not very surprisingly for high ranks, but definitely unexpected for lower ranks, Naga Siren secures herself the first position in Guardian, Crusader, Ancient and Immortal. The hero, which is known for the ability to farm insanely fast found its way to the top of today’s info-graphic.

Midlaners with highest KDA

Zeus, a hero who can secure himself a huge amount of kills and assists with the help of Thundergod’s Wrath managed to get to the first position only in Legend bracket.

Who could have known, but midlane Riki has the best KDA among Archon players. Miracle used to play midlane Riki a lot, apparently it had a huge effect on some of the players :)

What are your favorite heroes that you like to pick to secure yourself a high KDA? Do you care about getting a huge KDA in games? Share your opinion in comments!

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