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Today  we want to show you the characters who always take the active runes.

The ability to control active runes is essential in DOTA 2. Sometimes, a single strong one, such as a Double Damage Rune, can have a decisive factor in winning or losing on the lane.

In today's statistics, we want to show you the characters who most frequently take the active runes!

Usually, there are two abilities, which allow midlaners to effectively control active runes. The first and most obvious one is mobility. Heroes who have the ability to quickly move to the rune, will almost always have an advantage over the characters who do not have this opportunity. Queen of Pain, Pangolier and Puck take an average of 5 active runes per game, which is a really great result.

The second skill is not that obvious to many players, but is nonetheless effective – it is an opportunity to push the lane. Static Remnant allows Storm Spirit to secure many runes during the laning stage and 6 active runes on average in a game.  Lina and Ember Spirit are also very high statistically, with 5 runes taken on average.

Try not to ignore the active runes and do not let the enemy to beat you according to this indicator, because it gives him a significant advantage in fights and leads to your defeat!

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April 29, 2019
From GOSU.AI with 💙