Hey guys. It’s been awhile since 7.27 hit us with a big update. It is time to see which heroes were affected the most by Icefrog’s hammer. This week we look on heroes, who were nerfed the most.

The first thing worth mentioning is that supports were barely touched in the latest update. Most supports still have the same win rate, which is good for upcoming players, since they are still safe from learning more new heroes.

On the other hand, almost all heroes, who are related to units or Helm of the Dominator have lost a lot of win rate percentage since the patch. First off, Lycan dropped in a win rate by almost 10% and Beastmaster by 5%.

It is also worth mentioning that some strength heroes, such as Dragon Knight also got nerfed a little with a nerf to Bracer.

Losers of patch 7.27.
Biggest negative win rates shift comparison between 7.26c vs 7.27+

How do you like the latest patch? What do you want to see in the upcoming hero balance patch?