By the look of it, with the addition of Outposts, games became a lot shorter. With the new source of experience gain and the necessity to farm jungle, heroes started to get desired levels a lot sooner. Valve has reacted immediately by removing all XP talents and fixing Outposts. But was the difference that significant? Let's find out:

The average length of the games comparison 7.22h vs 7.23

In today's info-graphic, we want to see the difference in the game length in a comparison between patches 7.22h and 7.23. To make the comparison fairer, we have split it into three different rank groups, pro games and… well, we couldn’t resist to check out the statistics of our favorite streamers.

Do you think the changes in the patch 7.23 were necessary? What are your ideal length of a Dota 2 game? Share your opinion in comments!