Even though the game is not showing much progress in player base, there are many new players, who try playing Dota 2 every day. If you are one of these players, hopefully, this article is going to help you.

Play with friends

Learning a new game is hard. Learning a new game by yourself is 10 times harder. Ideally, try to find a stack of 4 players and arrange a time to play every day. There are many new players, so you should have no trouble finding people, who are also trying to learn the game.

Learning Dota 2 with friends is a lot more fun than doing so by yourself. Find strategies, imbalanced combinations, and some simple game patterns. Use them, abuse them, improve. Do it together!

Learn from the best

Dota 2 is not as hard as you may think. You can learn a hero very quickly by doing a quick analysis of professional player gameplay. Before you want to play any hero, go to youtube, google the hero name, sort by ‘last month’, and ‘20+ mins’. Here you go. Watch the VOD of the player, remember the item and skill builds - repeat in your game.

Play simple

Do not bother to learn how to play mechanically hard heroes. Dota 2 is a very balanced game. Every hero can be very useful in the game, doesn’t matter how hard or simple it is. Pick heroes with point-target or unit-target abilities, such as Vengeful Spirit, Lich, Viper or Crystal Maiden. Play simple combinations with your friend. Lanes like Wraith King + Keeper of the Light, Bloodseeker + Crystal Maiden or Juggernaut + Shadow Shaman. These combinations are iconic and very simple. Everyone spammed them at some point. Find the best combination for you and your lane-partner and spam them until you learn them to perfection.

And the most important thing - have fun. Being a beginner in the game is great. There are so many great things you are about to experience. No doubt, with the time you are going to get more competitive and focus a lot on improvement. But for now, just enjoy the beautiful moments with your friends.