In the previous article, we talked about hard supports and discussed their most common mistakes. Now it is time to talk about the more popular role - carry.

How to get better as a carry?

Unlike the role of a support, in which most mistakes are connected to game understanding, carry players make more mechanical errors, so it is a lot easier to fix them and become better.

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Let’s begin with one of the most common mistakes many players in lower ranks do regularly:

Lack of healing items throughout the laning stage

Everything begins with starting items. You must take the next advice as a rule: you should never come to the lane with less than 6 Tangoes. Having less regen will result in inevitable loss in the lane. Moreover, it is also important to get more healing items in case you were forced to spend all the regen you have bought at the beginning of the game. For example, if the timer reaches the 3rd minute and you have only one Tango left in your inventory, you should definitely bring some more. Laning stage for a carry usually ends around the 6th minute, so during that time, it is very necessary for you to maintain a full supply of health.

Farming in the lane

The most important trick in the lane any carry player should know is a creep aggro. Knowing and mastering the mechanics of dragging creeps closer to yourself will allow you to farm very effectively.

To drag enemy creeps closer to yourself you need to position yourself near creeps and then use ‘Attack’ command on one of the enemy heroes. Not many people know this, but you can use ‘Attack’ command on ANY hero in the map. Let’s say you lane in the bottom lane and you need enemy melee creeps to attack your range creep to deny it, but the enemy offlaner is not showing. In this case, you can move your camera to the top or middle lanes and then use ‘Attack’ on the enemy hero there.

The creep aggro trick is good for securing last-hits, messing last-hits of your opponent and killing your ranged creeps.

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Knowing when to leave the lane

In high ranked and pro games, it is quite common for a carry player to leave the lane quite early into the game. The reason to do so is quite simple: ‘safelane’ is not very safe actually. In fact, ‘safelane’ is the easiest one to gank out of all lanes. So quite often, when enemy supports or midlaner decide to make a gank, they would prefer to gank the enemy carry. The other factor is that offlaners usually get a lot stronger with levels, so when they get to level 6 you no longer want to lane against them.

Basically, if for any reason you do not feel comfortable in your lane anymore, do not be afraid to leave it. Make a teleport to the offlane and try to kill the enemy carry. You may also destroy his tower afterward. As an alternative, you can consider moving to the jungle.


In between 5th to 20th minutes the gameplay of a carry dedicated to farming. It doesn’t mean you should entirely disappear from the map for its duration, but you should definitely hit creeps efficiently at that time. Try to keep a simple balance during that time: 60% farming, 30% split pushing, 10% fighting. Do not skip an opportunity to join the fight if you can get something out of it, but stay away from unnecessary dives and inefficient moves.

Keep an eye on a match duration timer to make stacks, pay attention to the minimap to avoid ganks.

Map control

Killing creeps is important, but knowing what creeps to kill at the specific moment of the game is real power. Every carry player should remember, that creeps in the lane worth a lot more than creeps in the jungle. Not because of the gold or experience, but because of the space you create on the map by pushing the lanes. When the lanes are pushed aggressively towards the enemy base, you gain access to more jungle camps, your supports gain an ability to move more freely and place deeper wards and the last thing, but not least, it becomes a lot easier to track the movement of enemy heroes. Whenever your team is in lead it is very important to keep at least two out of three lanes pushed. You would be surprised how much easier it will be for you to farm in that case.

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How to get better as a carry?


Objectives, such as Towers or Roshan are very important in Dota 2. Having an advantage and not playing around the key objectives can lead to very long games and unnecessary losses.

The easiest way to play as a carry, is to make moves once you complete every major item. Finished Manta Style? Call your teammates to use a Smoke of Deceit. Got Black King Bar? Kill Roshan immediately after. Always try to use newly bought items to your advantage.

Knowing the timings of your hero

Each hero in Dota 2 has power-spikes. Medusa needs Manta Style and Skadi to become relevant, Sniper needs Hurricane Pike and Maelstrom, Anti-Mage needs Battle Fury, Manta Style, and Skull Basher. Once you hit these timings, it is very important to make something on the map, rather than keep on farming.