We all have been there. Your teammates in Dota 2 were toxic, played bad, or fed for no reason. In a moment of frustration, you start a new game and suddenly now you are the one who brings negativity into the game. How do you deal with it?

1.Physical exercise

Nothing clears your mind as well as physical activity. Lost a game? Do 10 push-ups squats and crunches. How does it help? Well, one of the best benefits of physical activity is that it makes you feel better. Exercise gives you energy, a better mood, and makes you more relaxed.

2.Get distracted with something useful

Have any chores to do? Now is the time to make them. Clean your kitchen, make dinner, clean your apartment. Your goal is to make something that is going to make you forget about your Dota experience.

3.Create an atmosphere at the game beginning

Too lazy to make exercise or chores? Well, at least make yourself say something good to your teammates. The results may surprise you. Doesn’t matter how tilted you are, force yourself to make a ‘stupid’ joke during the picking stage to start a conversation with your teammates. This often leads to a good atmosphere among teammates in the game.

What phrase can you say to your teammates at the beginning of the game to make the atmosphere better?