‘Place the f***ing ward you m***n!’ Is that an effective way to communicate to your teammates? Obviously no. What if you say ‘Place the ward please.’ Is that better? Yep?... Is it really? What if I tell you that both phrases are equally ineffective?

Communication in Dota 2 is a major part of the game. Making effective calls, sharing the information and simply keeping the morale up can lead to an easy victory.

Sadly, in most games, there is that one guy, who refuses to listen and does whatever he wants. But what if I told you, there is actually a way to talk to people like this guy?

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Being a support player myself and getting matched with cores way below my rank is a pretty common thing for me in Dota 2. The only way I can easily win games, which are below my MMR, is by communicating to my teammates and lead them to victory. For years I’ve tried different communication methods and after some time I’ve learned the most effective way of speaking to my teammates and make them what I want.

So let’s think of a situation in which you want your carry to teleport from the safelane to the offlane and destroy the tower there. The first thing that comes to mind, is that you have to say ‘Can you please use TP to offlane and destroy the tower?’. Even though it is a polite way to make such a request, very likely it will not work. Why? The answer is quite simple. Most players in Dota 2 hate it when someone gives them any kind of advice. Everyone thinks he knows better.

So how do you make your teammates follow your calls? Everything is quite simple. You should start making calls in a suggestive manner. So instead of saying ‘TP bot and push the tower please’, it is a lot more effective to say ‘it would be good to TP bottom and push the tower’. Even though you might think both sentences are familiar and there is no difference, believe me, there is. By adding ‘it would be good’ to anything you say makes it feel like you are not telling someone what to do, you actually make a suggestion to the player and give him a choice to follow it or not. It makes him think he made this decision, rather than you are.

Try it in your games and share your results! Do you already have no trouble communicating to your teammates in pubs? If so, how do you do it?
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