After a long break, we are coming back with the ‘How To Boost MMR’ series. If you were following our blog, you might have seen the previous parts of the series about hard support, soft support, and an offlaner. Today, the time has come to talk about the role of a midlaner.

As always, we are going to suggest several best heroes you can get to improve your MMR, review the most common mistakes and give useful tips, which will hopefully help you to get better.


If you have read previous articles, you already know our opinion on MMR improvement. The statement is quite simple - The easiest way to improve your MMR is to either finish your games very quickly or to dominate your lane and then snowball.

Picking heroes with high pushing potential surely is the best way to boost MMR. What is the point to play one 60 minute game if you can potentially play two or even three 15-20 minute games? By mastering your performance on heroes with high pushing potential, you can, without a doubt, increase your chances of securing matchmaking points.

The best pushing midlaners are: Nature’s Prophet, Death Prophet, Broodmother, Pugna, Leshrac, Shadow Shaman, Dazzle, Lycan, Beastmaster and Dragon Knight.

Winning your lane - is the second-best option. Since there is no longer an option to counter pick your opponent with the new draft system, you can always rely on very versatile heroes, who are good in pretty much any situation.

The best versatile midlaners are: Lina, Windranger and Death Prophet.

Since we talk here about the role of midlaner, there is a third option - dirty last-pick heroes. Finishing the draft with a dirty pick can pretty much guarantee you a fast victory in many cases.

The best last-pick heroes are: Broodmother, Meepo and Huskar.

Let’s highlight five best of the mentioned above heroes:

  • Visage

Well, how can you not want to spam a hero, who has pretty much never left a top-5 of most successful heroes in the Immortal bracket? Many people still think that Visage is very hard to play but it is not true at all. By binding a few hotkeys and practicing a little you are not going to have any troubles controlling this hero and his units.

The best part of Visage is that he is insanely easy in macro. All you have to do is to get level 6, farm Helm of the Dominator and then start roaming around the map taking down enemy towers. Is that this simple? Yes, it is. Visage is one of very few heroes in the game who can start farming ancient creeps very early, kill Roshan very early and finish his games insanely fast.

pros: Very simple gameplay, good at pushing, farming, killing Roshan.

cons: Weak in the lane. Can lose the lane to pretty much any other hero.

  • Death Prophet

DP has always been a powerful pushing hero, but recently she became very popular in both high ranked pubs and professional matches. She is very strong in the lane and is insanely hard to kill. Unlike Dragon Knight, Death Prophet can provide a lot of impact in the fight, even her ultimate on cooldown, but she is still dependent on it. DP’s high movement speed allows her to be present in all the necessary fights.

pros: Strong in the lane, good at pushing and split-pushing, hard to kill.

cons: Dependent on Exorcism cooldown.

  • Lycan

Just like Visage, Lycan has probably never left the list of the most successful heroes in matchmaking in high ranked games. Necronomicon was buffed from patch to patch, alongside recent buffs to Lycan it turned him into an MMR farming machine. His gameplay is very similar to Visage’s, as the only thing you require to do is to finish HotD and Necro’s book and then run down your opponents and their structures.

pros: Insane pushing potential, simple gameplay, strong in the lane, good at killing Roshan

cons: dependent on Shapeshift, not very strong in the late stage of the game

  • Broodmother

The first and last dirty hero on our list. Broodmother, just like some previously mentioned heroes, is considered to be quite hard to play. Well, that’s arguable. All you have to do as Broodmother is to farm effectively, then use your high net worth and levels to demolish your opponents. Having one hotkey for ‘Select all Other Units’ should be enough to control the hero comfortably. If you want to play like an advanced Broodmother, it would be good to have different hotkeys for Spiderlings and Spiderates.

pros: simple gameplay, good at farming.

cons: need level 20 to become strong

  • Dazzle

Why Dazzle? The reason is quite simple - Necronomicon book. Abuse it while it’s hot. The price of this item is insanely low. Even though the mana cost was nerfed in a previous patch, it is simply insane how much value you get for an item worth ~2k gold. Dazzle is a perfect hero for lower and normal tier pubs. Get a Necro book, follow it up with Mekansm, then gather up with your teammates and finish the game right away.

pros: simple gameplay, simple hero

cons: none

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Most of the mentioned above heroes share very similar gameplay. Lets look a bit closer at the mid-match-up and come up with some kind of scenario for an ideal game.

The early stage of the game

The game for a midlaner starts with a creep block. Good or back creep block can often determine the overall outcome of the laning stage. Practice creep block in a private lobby, it is very important.

First of all, if you play for the Radiant, find one of the spots, which would allow you to make creeps go around the tower in the same direction. This trick is called ‘Arteezy block’, as Artour is the first professional player, who started using this feature regularly.

How to boost mmr: Mid

To have an easier time blocking creeps, hold the ‘F1’ button to center the camera around your hero and do your best to block the creeps.

Aim to have one Healing Salve in your inventory throughout the duration of the laning stage. Having a Salve is going to allow you not to be afraid to trade your HP with the enemy midlaner.

‘But what if I am not planning on trading my HP?’

If you do not plan on taking any damage, it is likely going to result in missing many last-hits. The closer you stay to the creep, the easier it is to last-hit it. Not to mention, you can never be sure of incoming ganks. Salve is going to ensure that you will be able to restore your health quickly and go back to farming.

Your first priority in the lane is to secure last-hits of ranged creeps. They give more gold and experience than melee creeps. They have no armor, it makes it easier to deny them. It means that most often you have to use your spells to ensure last-hits of ranged creeps.

Use courier to its full effectiveness. Got components for Bracer/Null Talisman/Wraith Band? Bring them immediately. Getting low on mana? Get yourself Enchanted Mangoes to restore it. You should always have as many resources and stats as possible in the lane.

Do not focus too much on fighting. Farming is your first priority. Starting from minute 5 you should start farming closest neutral camps to increase your net worth and experience. Your goal is to get yourself your early item, such as HotD, Necro or your stats if we talk about Death Prophet, and then use your levels and items to start taking down Towers.

The middle stage of the game

Play around the middle lane and the offlane. Playing in the safelane is not effective, as there is not much farm around enemy towers. Taking down towers in the middle lane and the offlane opens the space inside the enemy jungle. You are not only securing this space for yourself but taking it away from enemy heroes as well.

Cooperate with your teammates and let them know about your intentions. If you build your gameplay around tower push, you should tell your teammates to play around you. Coordinating your team may often lead to an easy victory.

The late stage of the game

If you got to this stage, usually it means the game didn’t go as you planned. But that’s not a problem, as most heroes we suggested are very good at split pushing or fighting. Even Lycan, who becomes not as strong in the late-game, may still secure a victory by pushing away lanes and ratting away the enemy base little by little.

The key to a victory in the late-game is space. Effective lane pushing may lock the enemy team on the base and help your team to control the map. Having a territorial advantage often equals having more chances to win the game.

Securing important objectives is another big thing. Most heroes in our list are not only good at taking down structures but also very good at killing Roshan. Aegis of the Immortal alongside Cheese, Aghanim’s and Refresher Shards may have a serious impact on the endgame result.

Common mistakes

  1. Not having a Healing Salve in the lane. Very common, yet deadly mistake from most midlaners in lower ranks. Bring yourself a Salve with your first gold and keep at least one Salve in your inventory throughout the laning stage. That will help you to be confident in your actions, trade HP effectively with the enemy midlaner and not fearing incoming ganks.
  2. Not boosting your farm with the help of nearest neutral camps. Most midlaners, and pretty much every highlight in this article midlaner can benefit a lot from farming nearest camps. It increases the overall net worth and experience of your hero and helps to finish key items faster.
  3. Making unnecessary rotations. The gameplay of pushing heroes is quite simple. First you need to get yourself an item, then you need to use this item to your advantage. Avoid making rotations until you finish Necro/HotD or other key item. The only exception is Death Prophet, as her first key item is quite expensive.
  4. Not changing a game plan after several unsuccessful fights. Sometimes, game is just not going your way. This happens. The earlier you acknowledge it, the easier it will be to secure a victory. Stop team fighting and start split pushing. By doing it, you can split the enemy team and force favorable fights.


  1. Improve your skill through watching streams, videos or replays of professional players, who pick the hero you want to improve on. Surely, this is the easiest way to play a hero. Use youtube to find a VOD, remember the basics and try to replicate them.
  2. Focus more on playing around key objectives of the game, such as Towers, Outposts, Roshan and Bounty Runes. Dota 2 is not about fighting, it's about destroying an enemy Ancient first. You should always remember it.

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