Today we are ending the ‘How to Boost MMR’ series with the 5th and last article of the series. Previously we have talked about hard support, soft support, offlaner, and midlaner roles. You can find these articles on our blog. We hope that you found previous articles useful and are going to enjoy this one as well.

As always, we are going to suggest the best heroes for the role and discuss one of the most common mistakes, as well as going to give some useful tips.

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Carry is usually picked for the 4th pick. By the time you pick a carry, you should have the information about the enemy soft support and an offlaner and counter pick them.

However, as the draft, especially in lower ranks, may be kind of unpredictable, we are going to look at different scenarios.

If you want to pick a carry in the early stage of the draft, your goal is to get yourself a versatile hero, who can lane against any match-up and find himself on the map in any given circumstances.

The best carries you can pick in the early stage of the draft are:

  • Troll Warlord. By no means, picking Troll Warlord early into the draft is a good idea, but sometimes you just have to pick someone. Troll Warlord can get countered by quite a few heroes. Razor or Outworld Devourer may be a good answer to him for the enemy midlaner, while the offlaner may counter him by picking a Batrider. The good part is, once you play Troll for several games, you are going to understand better on how to play against OD or Razor, as well as you are going to learn to lane against Batrider, as two nukes may allow Troll Warlord even to win his lane against Bat.
    The biggest strength of Troll Warlord is that this hero has many options in the early and mid-stages of the game. He is good at both farming and pushing towers. If your lane goes bad, you can just move to the jungle for several minutes to catch up.
  • Juggernaut. Jugg is the most versatile carry in the game. Just like Troll, he has several counters in the game, such as Chen, Beastmaster, Lycan, and Axe. The good part is that none of these heroes may harm Juggernaut in the lane. After a good laning stage, Juggernaut may find himself useful at farming, split-pushing, pushing or fighting. The hero has it all.
  • Nature’s Prophet. Wouldn’t be us if we didn’t include Furion in the list. The hero appeared in all four previous articles, and luckily for us, he suits the carry role as well. Very strong in the lane, very mobile, and is very good at pushing. NP’s ultimate destroys opponents in the early and mid-stages of the game, which may allow you to win early fights easily and secure all the important objectives.

If you get to pick a carry in a default scenario, which means you get to pick a carry for the 4th pick, it is important for you to be able to play next heroes:

  • Slark, Monkey King, Ursa, Morphling. These three heroes are the best counters to melee offlaners in the game. If you get to lane against Legion Commander, Omniknight, or Centaur Warrunner there are no better heroes to pick then these four. The win on the lane may help not only you but your support to provide a lot more impact in the game.
  • Wraith King. WK is the simplest and one of the most effective carries of the current patch. The hero is good in the lane, farming insanely fast, has huge pushing potential, and is very strong in the late-game. In case you have a good match-up, or even a decent one, going for Wraith King is going to grant you a victory in most games.
  • Lycan. Lycan is the hero with an insane pushing potential. If you see the enemy offlaner, and it is not Batrider, Kunkka, Tidehunter, or Underlord, this is already a good idea to pick Lycan. Even if the lane is not going to go in your favor, you can catch up in the jungle, get yourself a HotD and then start killing your opponents and take down their towers. Lycan is the best hero you can spam in lower and normal brackets to improve MMR.

Let’s move on to the best scenario - you were lucky to get a last-pick. First of all, all mentioned above heroes are great for last-pick as well, but let’s mention some standout heroes:

  • Phantom Lancer and Naga Siren. Does the enemy team have no way of dealing with illusions? Congratulations, you just won the game by picking Naga or PL. No matter how bad the lane goes, after some farm in the jungle, both heroes can come online at around the 25-minute mark and easily secure the victory for their team.
  • Timbersaw or Necrophos can both become a good answer to line-ups with many strength heroes. Having a Timbersaw or Necro in the safelane may allow you not only to win your lane, but also allow your support to rotate around the map and provide impact at other lanes.


We are not going to break down the gameplay for a carry from the very first minute of the game. Instead, we are going to focus on some of the most important aspects of the game.

  • Rotation from the safelane. Very rarely you would see a carry in the professional game farming in the safelane after the 10th minute. The reason for this is very simple - the safelane is actually the most dangerous lane to stay at. The safelane tier-1 tower is the easiest one to siege in the game, and it also is very important for the enemy team, as it opens the way into the jungle. As a good carry, you should seek opportunities to leave the safelane and do so effectively. The best play you can make is to get level 6 and then immediately make teleports to the offlane. If you manage to kill the enemy carry with this rotation and take down the enemy tower, you can say that you have won the early-game for your team.
  • Farming your key items in a safe place. Most carries are very dependent on their first major early item. May it be Diffusal, Shadow Blade, Yasha, or Helm of the Dominator. The biggest difficulty for these carries is that they can’t find a safe space on the map to farm this item and instead they die a lot. As we have mentioned above, the safelane is not safe, just like an allied jungle. As the enemy team destroys your safelane tower or even your middle tower, they gain easy access to your jungle. It means, your jungle becomes the most unsafe place on the map for you to farm. Usually, the safest place for a carry to farm in between early and mid-stages of the game is the so-called ‘triangle’(three camps around the secret shop) and two nearest camps in the enemy jungle. By farming these 5 camps combined and pushing away the offlane you can secure yourself quite a lot of safe farm.
  • Objectives and territorial advantage. Taking down towers and securing the space on the map is the most important thing for a carry and his team. Each objective you take down gives your team the ability to control the map better, push the lanes further, and farm a lot more. Encourage your teammates to apply pressure on towers whenever it is possible, take away the space from your opponents and control more areas in the map to secure more farm. The territorial advantage is the key aspect, which often leads teams to a victory.

Common mistakes

  1. Not getting enough healing items for the laning stage/Not using a courier to bring additional healing items. Laning stage is basically the battle of regen. Whoever brings more regen and uses it more effectively is going to win the lane and the early-game after all. Good offlaners will always take advantage of your lack of healing items, so be aware of that. It is better to buy too much regen than too little.
  2. Not making a rotation from the safelane. Whichever carry makes the rotation to the offlane first often wins the early-game for his respective team. Getting into conditions and making teleport to the offlane may allow you to kill the enemy carry, destroy the enemy tier-1 safelane towers, and take control over the enemy jungle.
  3. Farming in the allied main jungle after the enemy team has destroyed your safelane tower. The allied jungle becomes the most dangerous place on the map to farm once the enemy destroys your safelane tier-1 tower. Most of the time the enemy team is going to use a Smoke they will gank your jungle. For this reason, it is a lot safer to farm in the triangle and inside the enemy jungle, while also pushing the offlane.


  1. Improve your skill through watching streams, videos or replays of professional players, who pick the hero you want to improve on. Surely, this is the easiest way to play a hero. Use youtube to find a VOD, remember the basics and try to replicate them.
  2. Communicate with your teammates. Make sure to ask your teammates to stay behind you in case you plan to farm in a dangerous area.Pay close to the minimap and move accordingly around the map. If you see the enemy team rotate bottom, make a move towards top immediately and vise versa. Split push effectively to create space and outfarm the enemy team.