7.23 has finally arrived. Alongside with many gameplay and map changes, Valve released two new heroes. One of them is very strong, the second one is Snapfire… luckily, this guide is about the strongest of two heroes - Void Spirit.

Void Spirit is a melee intelligence hero. Each of his spells deals damage, which makes him a powerful nuker. He is very mobile, has a disable and scales very well towards the late-game.

Even though Void Spirit has four active spells, most of them are very easy to use. The only ability you will have to learn to use correctly is Aether Remnant. The hero is very fun to play, so make sure to give him a chance!

The key role of Void Spirit in the game is to frontline, initiate fights and deal damage.

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Table of contents

Starting items

Since each player now has an individual courier, it is no longer necessary to get yourself lots of healing items at the start of the game, as you can bring them whenever you need.

Like always, as a carry, your goal is to get yourself a maximum amount of stats. Stats help you to last-hit comfortably and apply pressure on your opponents in the lane.

At the start of the game, you should buy Quelling Blade, Circlet, Mantle of Intelligence, Iron Branch and a set of Tangoes.

Void Spirit 7.23

Early-stage of the game(-1:30-12:00)

Because of the new locations of Bounty Runes, you always have an opportunity to outplay your opponents and get at least one of the two on your side of the map. Analyze the strength of your allies and opponents and come up with the best plan to get as many runes as possible. If you are weaker, stack with your support at either rune and secure it. If you are stronger, you can consider contesting both Bounty Runes by splitting up.

One of the biggest strengths of Void Spirit in the lane is that he has a huge mana regen. With a little bit of extra stats, Void Spirit gets over 2 mana regen per second, which is insanely good for him, considering he has four active spells. You need to make sure to use your spells effectively throughout the laning stage to apply pressure on your opponent and secure important last-hits.

Resonant Pulse is your key spell in the lane. Aim to use this spell on both of your opponents to get bonus shield absorption. If you use this spell effectively, you can immediately run towards your opponents and zone them away. If they do not have any powerful magical nukes, they are not going to be able to fight you back. You should not be afraid to fight under a creep wave as well, as all their damage will get absorbed.

Void Spirit 7.23

The most important thing you need to focus on is to use the courier as effectively as possible. Use it to deliver yourself additional regen and all the necessary items in time. The sooner you bring an item, the faster you will benefit from it. Use the courier carefully, do not give your opponents any chance to kill it.

Once you reach level 7 your hero becomes insanely strong. With maxed Dissmilate, you will be able to deal with an insane amount of damage in fights. After you get four points in Dissmilate consider making rotations to other lanes or request ganks to your lane instead.

Pay attention to the game timer. Bounty Runes always were a very important objective, but now we also have Outposts, which can have a significant impact on the game. It is very important to control at least one Outpost to get additional experience once every five minutes. Vision provided by Outposts will also allow you to spot your opponents and prevent them from hiding in the nearby trees. As your teammates are also able to use teleport to the Outpost, this objective can help you to make very important kills.

Starting from a minute five neutral creeps start dropping items. Farm of the jungle starts to become a very important part of the game. Luckily for Void Spirit, he can clear jungle camps very fast with the help of Dissmilate and Resonant Pulse. Use these spells to push the lane and farm nearby jungle camps.

By the end of the early stage of the game, you should finish all necessary early cheap-effective items and use them to get an advantage in the game.

So closer to 12th minute of the game, you should have x2 Null Talismans, Magic Wand, Power Treads and Bottle. With these items, you should fearlessly participate in all the fights.

Mid-stage of the game(12:00-26:00)

If the early stage of the game is dedicated mostly to farming, the mid-stage is all about fighting. With four active spells, low mana costs and high mana regen Void Spirit can be very effective in fights and secure an early advantage for his team.

Try to be as active as possible, but do not forget about farming completely. Good carry player should always find some time to farm creeps to get necessary items and levels.

Encourage your teammates to take control of the enemy jungle to prevent your opponents from farming it. Items, which are dropped from neutrals, can have a major impact on the game.

Dissmilate and Resonant Pulse allows Void Spirit to split push lanes very fast. Make sure to use this ability of a hero to keep the lanes pushed. If your team manages to push two out of three lanes it will create a lot of space on the map.

If the lanes are pushed, it also makes it a lot easier for your team to contest Outposts.

Void Spirit 7.23

Late-stage of the game(26:00-99:59+)

As we have mentioned in the intro, Void Spirit scales very well towards late-game. Even though his spells might not feel so scary, he remains a very strong initiator and frontliner. Not to mention, his ultimate allows Spirit to escape from fights if he gets in too deep.

In the late-game, you need to pay more and more attention to key objectives, such as Bounty Runes, Outposts, Roshan and Towers.

Map control is a major factor in the late stage of the game, especially in the new patch. If you give your opponents control over the map, there is a high chance they might drop a very useful item from neutral creeps, while your team doesn’t. Even this one item can have a crucial impact on the endgame result. On the other hand, if you manage to lock your opponents on their base, it is going to be impossible for them to come back into the game.

Common mistakes

  1. Getting too many healing items at the beginning of the game. If you follow our guides, we always recommend getting a lot of healing items to sustain the laning stage comfortably. Well… now everything has changed. It is okay to come to the lane with only 3 Tangoes and then bring additional regen with your personal courier.
  2. Focusing too much on fighting. It is very important to have a perfect balance between fighting and farming. Even though Void Spirit is a fight-oriented hero, it is very important to find some time to farm and split-push.

Tips & Tricks

  • You can use Dissimilate and Astral Step to get over cliffs. It can help you to farm a lot faster and escape from enemy ganks.
  • When you join a fight, do not rush to use both charges of Astral Step. Leave one charge for escaping purposes.