Drow Ranger, hands down, one of the strongest heroes of a current patch. The hero is very simple, insanely strong in the lane and is very hard to stop in the later stages of the game. Since the addition of 7.23 she has already suffered some nerfs, but still remains unstoppable in both matchmaking and professional games.

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Table of contents

Drow Ranger 7.23

Role in the game

Drow Ranger can be used in two positions, as a carry or as a midlaner. With the help of buffed Frost Arrows and newly added Multishot, Drow Ranger is able to win her lane easily against most heroes in Dota 2.

The key role of Drow Ranger in the game is to deal damage and demolish her opponents in fights in all stages of the game.

The hero is also very good at farming, destroying towers and decent at split pushing.


  • Frost Arrows is a very powerful slow, which helps Drow Ranger to prevent enemies from getting to her or from running away. Additional bonus damage provided by Frost Arrows helps Drow to apply more pressure on her opponents in the lane. The greatest thing about Frost Arrows is that you do not drag creeps aggro on yourself whenever you hit your opponents. It helps Drow to be a powerful harasser in the lane.
  • Gust is one of the strongest silences in the game, as this spell works in a decent AoE and lasts a total of 6 seconds on its max level. Knockback provided by Gust is also a great tool, which helps Drow to deal with annoying melee cores.
  • Multishot is the newest ability of Drow Ranger. This spell is great for harassing, farming and fighting. Make sure to use this ability to ensure last-hits of ranged creeps. Use it regularly to harass opponents in the lane. Make sure to use Multishot while farming jungle to increase your farming speed.
  • Marksmanship is a powerful fighting and farming tool. At its max level, this spell helps Drow Ranger to demolish her opponents in a space of several seconds. This ability ignores armor and evasion.

Drow Ranger 7.23


As for starting items, your goal is to get the maximum amount of damage and stats, not forgetting about healing items as well.

For carry, we recommend getting x2 Slippers of Agility, x2 Iron Branch and two sets of Tangoes.

For midlaner, you should get yourself x3 Slippers of Agility, x2 Iron Branch and ask your supports to share at least one Tango with you.

Drow Ranger 7.23

In the early stage of the game, it is very important to get yourself two, or better three Wraith Bands. These items will help you to apply a lot more pressure on your opponents and speed up your farm in the jungle.

Any items that boost agility are very good to get on Drow Ranger, as she shares her agility with nearby allied ranged heroes.

Shadow Blade is also a great item to get on Drow, especially in low and normal skill brackets. This item can help you to make many crucial kills and select a better position in fights.

Drow Ranger is very dependent on good positioning and is very vulnerable if she got initiated on, this is why Drow can benefit a lot from having a Hurricane Pike or a Black King Bar.

If you play against illusion based heroes, it is always a great idea to go for Mjollnir and Aghanim’s Scepter.


In the lane, it is very important to cooperate with your lane partner and apply as much pressure as possible on your opponents. Hit enemy heroes with Frost Arrows whenever you can, combine disable of your supports with Multishot. During the laning stage, it is very important to use Multishot to ensure last-hits of ranged creeps. As most good players will try to deny it, you may also harass them while ensuring a last-hit.

Once you reach level 6 you should consider your situation in the lane. If you are stronger than your opponents, you should stay on the lane and use Marksmanship to dominate them even more. If for any reason you feel vulnerable in the lane, you can either move to the jungle or make a teleport to the offlane. The rotation to the offlane is very common in high ranked games, as you can potentially kill the enemy carry and destroy the enemy tower afterward.

For many carry heroes farming is a very important aspect of the game, but for Drow Ranger, it is even more crucial. Drow Ranger is very dependent on her experience, as she needs to get to level 18 as quickly as possible. Having three points in Marksmanship turns Drow into a killing machine.

However, unlike previous patches, in 7.23 Drow Ranger can be quite useful in fights even before she gets to level 18. With the help of Multishot, you can deal a lot of damage in fights and provide crucial impact. For this reason, you need to make sure to keep a good balance between fighting and farming, not focusing on only one aspect and ignoring the other.

Your goal is to farm efficiently until you get a Shadow Blade, then use this item to get several kills.

Positioning is a key factor for Drow Ranger in the game. You should always position yourself behind other cores of your team. One mistake in positioning may cost you your life and game as a result.

Your best timings to win a game or gain a significant advantage are in between 22nd and 36th minutes. In this time, you should finish the desired levels and get needed items.

Allies and counters

Drow Ranger can benefit a lot from having a powerful frontliner in her team. Heroes like Brewmaster or Centaur Warrunner are two great examples. Drow can easily win her lane with the help of powerful support. Ogre Magi, Undying, Vengeful Spirit or Bane work very well in combination with Drow.

The biggest counters of Drow Ranger are the heroes, who can get to her quickly and may also farm very fast. It is not pleasurable to play against Lycan, Phantom Lancer or Phantom Assassin.