In today’s guide, we are going to talk about one of the most powerful midlaners of a current patch. This hero has it all: strong in the lane, good at fighting, pushing, farming, split-pushing and has very few counters. Today we talk about the Death Prophet.

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Table of contents

Role in the game

Death Prophet is one of those heroes, who is good at everything. Obviously, the best position you can play DP on is mid, but she is also very good for carry or offlaner. Moreover, her high survivability alongside pushing potential makes her viable even in a soft or hard support position.

The purpose of Death Prophet in the game is to create a high tempo by taking down towers with the help of Exorcism. Thanks to Spirit Siphons she can fearlessly run into her opponents and even frontline for her team.


Crypt Swarm is an AoE nuke, which is very good for ensuring last-hits, pushing away lanes and farming neutral camps. It doesn’t cost a lot of mana, so Death Prophet can spam this spell quite often.

Silence applies silence debuff in a decent AoE. It may help the Death Prophet to prevent mobile enemy heroes from escaping.

Spirit Siphon creates a spirit link between Death Prophet and her unit, stealing its movement speed and health. It drains HP based on max health, so prioritize using this spell on the fattest enemy heroes. You may also use it on several targets at once, which can make you unkillable in a fight.Exorcism is Death Prophet’s pushing and fighting tool. It summons spirits, each of which deals damage on the impact with a target. The closer you stay to a target, the faster spirits will attack it.

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Death Prophet deals a lot of damage with her spirits, all she needs is to be able to catch up with her opponents in fights and not die. Based on this, you should focus on improving the survivability and movement speed of a hero. For this reason, Eul’s Scepter of Divinity is the best item you can get on DP. Let’s look closely on the item build and break it down by in-game stages.

Starting items for Death Prophet are the same as for any other ranged intelligence hero. You should purchase x2 Matle of Intelligence, Circlet, Faerie Fire and Iron Branch. Make sure to ask teammates to share two Tangoes with you.

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Death Prophet

In the early game, you need to get two Null Talismans, Bottle, Magic Wand and desired choice of boots. Both Phase Boots and Power Treads are very good on Death Prophet.

In the mid-game, you should start focusing on improving the survivability of a hero. You will find Eul’s Scepter of Divinity and Black King Bar very handy. Even though BKB may be considered to be a situational item, it will work perfectly in most games, as Death Prophet likes to be upfront of her teammates and in the epicenter of the fight.

Finish the build off by buying Aghanim’s Scepter, Shiva’s Guard and Octarine Core in the late stage of the game. With this build, you are going to be unkillable and will not have any trouble demolishing your opponents in fights.


The whole gameplay of Death Prophet is based around the cooldown of her ultimate. If you manage to use Exorcism effectively every time it is off cooldown you are definitely going to win the game.

Starting from the early stage of the game you need to start dominating your opponents. Play aggressively and apply as much pressure as you can on your opponent. Thankfully, with the help of Crypt Swarm and Spirit Siphon, Death Prophet can secure victory in the lane against most other heroes in Dota 2. Use these spells effectively to harass the enemy midlaner and ensure last-hits.

Crypt Swarm is very good for pushing lanes, which helps Death Prophet to secure power runes. Death Prophet can benefit a lot from having a power rune, as she can use it to make a rotation, which can lead to the killing of several enemy heroes and the tower afterward. Prioritize destroying enemies tier-1 offlane and mid towers, as they open the way to the enemy jungle.

Whenever Exorcism is off cooldown aim to force a fight, preferably near the enemy tower. Either make a rotation to your teammates or ask them to rotate to you.

Spirit Siphon is your key instrument in the fight. Whenever you are under attack make sure to use siphon on several targets with the biggest amount of health to heal up and turn the fight around.

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Death Prophet

Allies and counters

Death Prophet is a push oriented hero, which makes her even stronger in combination with other heroes, who improve the push potential of a team. Beastmaster, Chen, Lycan, Vengeful Spirit, Shadow Shaman, Nature’s Prophet work great in combination with Death Prophet. She can also benefit a lot from having a saving hero, who can protect her in fights, such as Oracle, Dazzle, Omniknight, or Abaddon.

Ancient Apparition is the biggest counter to Death Prophet, as she prevents her from healing up in fights. She can also find it a bit difficult to lane in the middle against some of the ranged heroes, such as Sniper or Queen of Pain.