Hello, Dota 2 Community!

We here in GOSU.AI took the important decision and believe that you need to know about it in the first place. Starting from today, we declare a war on cheaters in our favorite game!

Yeah, yeah - now there will be a lot of jokes from you (welcome to the comments), but let's talk about this subject more specifically.

Last year, as you remember, we released the first version of the Anti-Cheat. All this time we have read and analyzed your feedback very carefully, paying special attention to suspicious, skeptical or dissatisfied comments. You even told us that Anti-Cheat was wrong from time to time.

Hmm, but can you just imagine - a person is born, without abilities to walk and talk, and now quite a bit of time passes by and he is already breaking up the public on Meepo! Magic, isn't it?🙃

Okay, now let's get serious. Yes, our Anti-Cheat is not perfect. And no, we're not going to say that: “Okay, guys - this time with a 100% probability it will be accurate and will not fail.” It is too early for this kind of statements, but with your help, it can become flawless!

So - let's talk about everything in order. We want to share with you what we have planned, how it will work, and you yourself will make an independent decision on whether to join our team or not. Yes, you heard it right, to join the team, not to become our user or someone else stated in marketing slogans. Now you will understand why.

Why do we need to fight against cheaters in Dota 2?

The main message that guided us while creating the anti-Cheat was the following:

people who use cheats, bring an imbalance to the game, deprive us - players of positive emotions and get an unfair advantage over others.

The first thing we did - we made a study on whether or not that was true. We gathered in the evening at the party, set cheats and got to play with the newly created accounts to understand the mechanics of their work (you want to catch the criminal? Start thinking like a criminal!).

We were shocked! If you use cheats, then you no longer have a problem with understanding to what point on the map your opponent teleports or in what part of the jungle he farms. If you have HEX - it is used automatically and can disable opponents,who tries to blink aggressively on you. You collect runes faster than the enemy, moreover - now you can use your spells on Invoker as fast as Miracle or Sumiya. And that's not all, but let's stop here - we are not advertising cheats.

Dota 2 has a lot of key aspects in both micro and macro, which can have huge impact on the outcome of the match. And now most of them can easily be affected by using the cheats. Just imagine how many games you lost due to the fact that the opposing team had a cheater?

How are we going to fight against cheaters in Dota 2?

Our Anti-Cheat is like a baby - it grows and develops successfully. And in order to make this process faster and better, we need your help! We want to ask you to be directly involved in progress and development of our Anti-Cheat.

It works on the basis of AI algorithms, quality of its work depends on the amount of data (the more we have examples of cheater behavior, the higher accuracy of the definition). And it is with your help that we will be able to train him as quickly and efficiently as possible!

But let us first tell you how we have already been able to make it better.

The first news - we have improved the definition of the first three cheats that were announced by us last year, and now we will determine them with increased accuracy, reducing the error by the maximum. Here they are:

  1. Zoom Out
  2. Auto creep blocking
  3. Item drop abuse

Second - we have learned to detect three new cheats, such as:

  1. Minimap informer
  2. Auto Disabler
  3. Rune Snatcher

The third news is that now the development of Anti-Cheat is one of the most priority areas for us, which means that we will definitely not limit ourselves with the detection of 6 cheats.

How are we going to detect cheaters?

Last year you had a lot of questions about how exactly we determine whether the cheat was used in the match. There are two main points in the process of determining:

  • we detect the amount of time that has been spent to apply the ability by the player
  • We follow the movement of the player’s mouse

Now let's look at each cheat in a specific example to understand how it works, and how we define it in practice.

Types of cheats in Dota 2 and how they work: how GOSU.AI finds cheaters

Zoom Out

How it works: Map can be zoomed out further away, so the player can see significantly more than the game originally allows him. Here everything seems quite clear and obvious, even without a visual example.

How we detect: let's imagine that there is a certain limited perimeter of the screen, inside which actions can be performed, specifically- mouse clicks. When using Zoom Out the player begins to see a much larger perimeter, making clicks abroad of maximal possibility, which the game allows at all. Cheat detected!

Auto creep blocking

The principle of operation: everything is simple here- the wave of your creeps is blocked by the hero automatically, due to which the lane is shifted in your direction.

Example: creeps are blocked unmistakably.

How we detect: when you block a wave of creeps, you are forced to make a large number of clicks to the left and to the right. At the same time, the pattern of your clicks is chaotic and quite slow. What cannot be said about the automated cheat - it does that much better. We will detect the speed, automation and pattern of this process.

Item drop abuse

The principle of operation: here are several scenarios - the first is that when using cheats, all the items, which give stats are dropped on the ground, then the player uses item that gives him mana (Soul Ring, Arcane Boots, etc), after which he picks dropped items from the ground and return them to the active cell. The second scenario is very similar to the first one, only in this case the items are removed in additional inactive cells in backpack, and then returned to the main inventory very quickly.

Example: pay attention to the backpack - cheat does all the manipulations on its own and very quickly. At the same time, if you had an item, which gives you mana, for example, Soul Ring, it would also be pressed automatically at the right time.

How we detect: such a large number of actions takes a long time to complete. But this is not a problem for the cheat - cheat does it in almost one click. We determine the difference in speed between the person and the program once again.

Minimap Informer

The principle of operation: movement of the enemy heroes is graphically displayed on the minimap. It show places where opponents last used their skills, in which point on the map they farm, the direction of the teleport, and so on. The bottom line is that now you always know where each player from the opposing team is with almost 100% probability.

Example: all the attention to the minimap. When the enemy teleports from the base, the cheat draws the direction and point where it lands.

How we detect: when using this cheat on the minimap, objects are drawn in the form of arrows, circles, etc. A person is not able to draw such a number of objects at the same time, with such speed, each time perfectly adjusting their size. It is noteworthy that at the moment the player's mouse is not even in the minimap area, and the pictures continue to appear on it.

Auto Disabler

The principle of operation: when the enemy approaches you using a blink (item or ability) and hits it within a certain radius, the cheat automatically uses either the built-in disable ability of the character against it, or turns on an active item (for example, Scythe of Vyse).

Example: this distance to the hero is enough for HEX to be applied automatically. In this case, the mouse instantly jumps, highlighting the enemy, and ability triggers.

How we detect: here everything is simple too- it’s speed! No Pro player can't come close to compete with the speed of a cheater (we checked) - Hex triggers instantly. But in case if the player brought and used the Hex, we won't count it as a cheat.

Rune Snatcher

The principle of operation: your opponent wants to out-click you and take the rune faster? He will not make it in time. Cheat clicks faster. Always.

Example: pay attention to the speed the mouse cursor, it automatically moves to the rune and makes a click when it appears.

How we detect: you can enable the possibility of permanent clicks on the right mouse button when it is clamped in Dota 2 settings, but even by using it, you can never be compared with the player who uses cheats - he will pick up the rune, no doubt. At the same time he does not even have to click on it - just to be there. We determine the speed of a mouse click and its correspondence (or discrepancy) to the cursor position. Human and machine patterns differ significantly.

Instead of an epilogue…

At the moment we already know how to detect 6 cheats, but there are many many more! And that’s where we need the help of all concerned Dota 2 community. Leave the links to the matches from our service under this post, if you think that there was a cheater, with a comment on who exactly in your opinion used cheats and on what minute of the game. You can also send us the player ID, and we will check whether he used cheats in games against those who use our service. We promise to publish results directly below your messages!

The second step is as follows - we have implemented the possibility of reporting cheaters right in our post-match analysis, which you get from GOSU.AI after your game. If you think that some player used cheats in the match, but we have not identified it as a cheater yet - do not be lazy to report it on our service and describe at what point he used cheats.

All this together gives us the opportunity to train our system to determine significantly more cheats, and most importantly - to do it more accurately each time!

And in conclusion, the most important news - now we can send you a message already at the peak stage if the player from the opposite team has ever used cheats! This should help you choose a tactic, which can help you significantly increase your chances of winning!

P.S.: If you have any questions - please tell them in the comments! And most importantly - we will be waiting for your ID matches with cheats usage timings+ indicating the player who, you think, used cheats in the match. We promise to answer all questions!

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