After we have made infographic highlighting the most successful heroes of high ranked games, many of you have asked to make similar infographic with lower ranks. So here we are :)

First things first, it is hard not to notice that all five heroes in both regions are identical. Who would have guessed that the meta in normal-rank games in two very different regions is so alike.

The most successful carry of the EU region is Spectre. Very powerful late-game carry, who has been nerfed in previous patches, yet still stays strong. Spectre has a very simple gameplay, which definitely helps players in this rank group to use this hero effectively.

Drow Ranger, a hero who is a lot more fast paced, secured #1 position in the NA region. Decent farming potential and tower damage alongside very simple gameplay make Drow one of the best heroes to pick in lower to normal ranks matches. The hero becomes insanely strong in combination with Vengeful Spirit, having over 60% win rate together.

Most successful carry heroes of 7.27d. Normal ranks edition. EU vs NA

What are your favorite carry heroes? Why do you think should've made the top-5 list?