Today we are going to talk about one of the strongest supports of the past several patches - Winter Wyvern.

Winter Wyvern is a ranged intelligence hero, who is very good at split-pushing, defending towers, and team fighting. The hero is able to initiate fights, counter-initiate, and save his teammates. Wyvern is definitely your go-to hero if you think that you play a lot better than most players in your bracket. With good game understanding, you can climb by MMR ladder very quickly by spamming WW.

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Table of contents

Role in the game

Winter Wyvern is a very versatile hero. The most common roles for WW are support and roamer. However, the hero may be used as an offlaner or even as a carry.

Depending on the item build, Wyvern can be played as a support or as a full late-game core.

The purpose of Winter Wyvern in the game is to save his teammates, create space on the map by split-pushing lanes, and improve the team fight potential of his team with the help of Winter’s Curse.


Arctic Burn increases the attack range of Winter Wyvern and applies a burn and a slow de-buff on the first hit to a target. The burn de-buff works in percent, which means the more HP the enemy has, the more effective the spell is going to work. You can use this ability to harass your opponents and set up kills.

Splinter Blast is Wyvern’s harassing, farming, and split-pushing tool. The spell is very good for ensuring last-hits of ranged creeps in the lane. Keep in mind that the target you use Blast on will not be affected by it, but will affect all the nearest targets.

Cold Embrace turns the ally target into an ice, making it absolutely invulnerable to any physical damage. The target will also receive healing. You can use this spell on ally creeps to make it easier to push enemy towers.

Winter’s Curse is your killing and team fighting tool. By using it on an enemy, Wyvern freezes it and makes any nearby targets attack it. The spell may help you to make a crucial kill and set up, or reset fights.

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Winter Wyvern (support)


The starting items for Winter Wyvern are almost always the same. You should get yourself a Healing Salve, six Tangoes, two Enchanted Mangoes, Clarity, and a Sentry Ward. Make sure to share two Tangoes with your midlaner. The Sentry Ward is very important to have on WW, as you are going to push your lane often with Splinter Blast, this is why you need to make sure the nearest neutral camps are not blocked. If you are going to lane against Batrider or Bristleback, make sure to get yourself a Magic Stick over one Enchanted Mango and Sentry Ward.

In the early-game, your goal is to get yourself an Arcane Boots, a Magic Wand, and a Wind Lace. Wind Lace is very helpful, as it increases the very poor mobility of Winter Wyvern. In case you have a very good start in the game, you can consider skipping Arcanes and going straight for Orchid of Malevolence, but this is a very rare option for a support.

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Winter Wyvern (support)

In the mid-game, you should disassemble Arcane Boots and use Energy Booster to complete Aether Lens. Follow it up with Blink Dagger. With the help of these two items, you are going to be able to use your spells very effectively.

In the late-game, get yourself a Force Staff. In case the game goes into very late-game, you can get yourself a Bloodthorn and an Aeon Disk.


Starting from the very beginning of the game you are going to have to make some choices. Arctic Burn is a very powerful spell and it is definitely worth getting this spell at level 1 to make the first blood during the rune fight. In case you are not sure you can make the first blood, you should always go for Splinter Blast at level 1. Splinter Blast is your key spell in the lane, as it allows you to harass your opponents and ensure last-hits of ranged creeps. Since Wyvern has very low attack damage and low attack range, Winter Blast becomes your only source of harassing enemy heroes. Once you come to the lane, start using Winter Blast instantly. Use the first Blast to harass your opponents and the second Blast to ensure a last-hit of a ranged creep.

Keep in mind that it is absolutely fine for a support to steal last-hits of ranged creeps. Do not do it only in case your carry can secure the last-hit of a ranged creep with a 100% chance.

Start making pulls once the lane is pushed. You can either make a double stack of a small camp beforehand, but it is not necessary.

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Winter Wyvern (support)

Once nighttime is about to begin, get yourself one or two Observer Wards and place them around the safelane and midlane to spot rotations of enemy heroes. Try to provide good vision for your teammates at all stages of the game, but especially during the nighttime.

Pay close attention to the middle lane. Help your midlaner with a teleport whenever he gets dived. In case the enemy midlaner doesn’t have any escaping abilities you can consider making rotations to the midlane in order to kill him.

Focus on your positioning during fights. Wyvern has four active spells, including powerful team fighting and saving spells. You need to make sure to use them during fights.

The biggest strength of Winter Wyvern is his ability to defend towers and split push lanes with Splinter Blast. In the mid-game, it is often a good idea to push the most dangerous lane away, as it is going to create additional space for your cores and force enemy cores to reveal themselves in order to push lanes back.

Allies and counters

Winter Wyvern is an insanely good counter to heroes with many units, such as Lycan, Chen, or Beastmaster.

Good counters to Wyvern are mobile heroes, who can initiate on Wyvern from a long distance, such as Storm Spirit, Queen of Pain, Ember Spirit, or Void Spirit.