Hello everyone. Today we are going to talk about one of the most annoying heroes in the game - Venomancer. The hero is very strong in the lane and is very good at pushing and team fighting. One of the biggest strengths of Venomancer is the availability of Plague Wards. By placing wards around himself, Venomancer makes it very hard to gank him.

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Table of contents

Role in the game

Venomancer is a very versatile hero. He can be played in any position. Veno works great as a carry or midlaner as a counter to melee heroes. He can also provide a decent impact in the game as a support or a roamer. However, the most common role for the Venomancer is offlane. As an offlaner, he can demolish the enemy carry in the lane, purchase effective early and mid-game items and single-handedly take all the space on the map from the enemy team.

The purpose of Venomancer is to dominate the lane, secure a territorial advantage on the map by destroying enemy towers and then help his team in teamfights with his powerful ultimate.


  • Venomous Gale applies a powerful poison and slow debuffs. Gale is a point target spell, which works in a line. It means you can apply the debuff of Venomous Gale on several targets. Use the ability to initiate fights and annoy your opponents in the lane. Keep in mind that the hero affected by Venomous Gale can be denied by his teammates.
  • Poison Sting is one of the most powerful and annoying harassing tools in the game. It slows the target, deals damage over time and also decreases the HP regeneration. Use the spell to harass your opponents in the lane and zone them away. Plague Ward also applies Poison Sting debuff, dealing 50% of the damage. However, the HP regen reduction rate stays the same at 30% at its max level. It means, you can decrease the HP regen of a target by 60%.
  • Plague Ward gives Venomancer the ability to farm, push and defend towers very effectively. Wards provide decent vision around themselves, which helps Venomancer to secure dangerous areas and scout his opponents.Poison Nova is a very strong teamfight oriented ability. The ability deals a lot of magical damage in a huge AoE. Nova doesn’t deal lethal damage, which means you need either to last-hit a target with attack or apply a Venomous Gale debuff alongside Poison Nova.

Venomancer offlane


With the lowered price for Headdress, the item became very good for supports, roamers, and offlaners. Either you or your roamer should get this item for the lane, so you can ensure the domination over your opponents. As your starting items, you should purchase Headdress, Iron Branch, Faerie Fire and a set of Tangoes. In case allied roamer bought Headdress, you can get yourself more healing items and more stats items, such as Circlet and additional Iron Branches.

In the early-game your goal is to get yourself Boots of Speed, Magic Wand and then go immediately for Urn of Shadows into Spirit Vessel. Vessel alongside other poisonous debuffs of Venomancer helps him to get very easy kills in the lane and all over the map afterward.

Decent alternative to Spirit Vessel is Necronomicon. Having these two powerful units allows Venomancer to farm a lot faster and destroy enemy towers very quickly.

For the mid-game you should get yourself Force Staff and Veil of Discord. If the game goes good, you may go straight for Veil, if the game goes even or bad, Force Staff as your first major item would be a better choice. The purpose of these items is to increase your mobility and improve damage in fights.

As for the late-game, Aghanim’s Scepter, Boots of Travel and Scythe of Vyse are the best three items you can get. You may find Heaven’s Halberd quite handy as well. Scythe is very important to get on the Veno, as this hero lacks disables. Boots of Travel are going to help you to improve your mobility a lot.

Venomancer offlane


Just like most offlaners, Venomancer gets stronger with levels. Veno is considered to be a powerful laner, but you need to learn to get to needed conditions first, which will allow you to dominate your lane.

Coming to the lane, be very careful of your positioning. At level 1 you will only skill Poison Sting and your opponents will know it for sure. Position yourself carefully, while harassing the enemy carry from a safe position and securing last-hits. Your biggest goal at the beginning of the game is to get to level 2 safely. Once you get there, you are going to be able to respond to the aggression of your opponents with Venomous Gale and turn fights around.

While laning, make sure to attack your opponents as often as possible to apply Poison Sting debuff on them. It will not only harass them, but also decreases their healing, which means they will regenerate less HP by using Tangoes and their original health regen.

By level 5 you should get three skill points in Poison Sting and two skill points in Venomous Gale. These two abilities are going to allow you to dominate your opponent and secure yourself needed farm and items. In some cases, you can go for the ultimate at level 6, but most of the time it would be better to skip the skill-point in Poison Nova and start maxing Plague Wards right away. Use the wards to apply pressure on enemy towers. Your goal is to destroy the tower in the offlane, then move to the middle lane and do the same. After you get rid of two key towers of the enemy team, you can start pushing the offlane, while farming all nearest neutral camps as well. By doing so, you are going to create a lot of space for your teammates, force rotations and waste lots of time on the enemy team. Constantly use Plague Wards to give yourself vision inside the dangerous areas. It is going to prevent the enemy team from ganking you easily.

Once you get all your key items, you may start forcing team fights. Your job in a fight is to use Poison Nova effectively and not die at the same time. If you manage to do so, you are definitely going to have a great game.

Venomancer offlane

Allies and counters

Venomancer is a great counter to pretty much any melee hero in the game, with very few exceptions. He works best with a powerful melee roamer, who can both set up kills and play as a frontliner for Veno. We can highlight Spirit Breaker, Earthshaker and Earth Spirit.

The best counters to Venomancer are mobile heroes and heroes with illusions or units. Weaver, Storm Spirit, Queen of Pain, Phantom Lancer or Lycan can work very well against Veno and create lots of problems for him.