Ursa is one of very few carry heroes, who can be insanely useful in all stages of the game. Thanks to recent changes to Earthshock, the hero gained the ability to be a lot more mobile. It allowed Ursa to demolish his opponents in the lane and be more active in the early and mid stages.

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Role in the game

Ursa is usually played as a carry. He is very good at picking against melee offlaner and as a counter to melee core heroes of the enemy team.

The purpose of Ursa in the game is to demolish targets in fights with the help of the insane damage output of this hero. Ursa is very good at creating a high tempo in the game thanks to the ability to kill Roshan very easily. With the help of Aegis of the Immortal Ursa can play very aggressively and create a lot of space for his teammates.

URSA 7.23f


  • Earthshock is a powerful AoE slow, which also deals decent damage. Since the recent patch, this spell also provides a leap effect, which moves the hero forward on 250 unit distance. The spell is very good for ensuring last-hits and harassing your opponents in the lane. You may use this ability to get over cliffs or to close the distance between you and your opponent.
  • Overpower grants Ursa an insane attack speed for several attacks. Whenever you try to gank enemy heroes aim to use this ability in advance so it goes in cooldown quicker. It is going to allow you to hit your opponent up to 14 times in a very short duration.
  • Fury Swipes makes Ursa the hero he is. With each attack you make on your opponent, you are going to deal more and more damage. The ability works well in combination with Ursa’s ultimate ability. Fury Swipes allows Ursa to kill Roshan very early into the game.
  • Enrage is the final and ultimate ability of the Ursa. The ability gives Ursa an insane damage reduction as well as removes all debuffs when used. The spell becomes even stronger once you buff it with Aghanim’s Scepter.

URSA 7.23f


The item build for Ursa is very simple. He doesn’t have a lot of items to choose from, as he needs some specific items to provide impact in the game.

Start the game by purchasing x6 Tangoes, a Healing Salve, x2 Enchanted Mangoes and a Quelling Blade. The reason why you need two Enchanted Mangoes, is that you really want to be able to use Earthshock quite often to last-hit ranged creeps.

With your first gold bring yourself an Orb of Venom. This item will help you harass your opponents in the lane.

Until the end of the early stage of the game, you should try to finish Phase Boots, Magic Wand and a Drum of Endurance.

The key item for Ursa is a Skull Basher, which you later should upgrade into Abyssal Blade. Ursa used to rely on Blink Dagger, but it is no longer like that with the latest changes to Abyssal, which allows you not only to shorten the distance with your opponent but also to stun him.

The rest of the items are optional. The Aghanim’s is great, as well as the Black King Bar. These items will make you a lot stronger in team fights. Finish off your build with Satanic and Nullifier and you are good to finish the game.

URSA 7.23f


The gameplay of Ursa is as simple as his skill build. Coming to the lane it is very important to skill Earthshock at level 1. Use the ability to ensure the last-hits of ranged creeps. Once you get yourself an Orb of Venom and Boots of Speed start acting aggressively towards your opponents. Punish them anytime they come close to you.

Once you finish Drum of Endurance you may consider making rotations around the map. Use the charges of this item to get yourself several kills and destroy some towers.

The key objective for Ursa starting from the beginning of the middle stage of the game is Roshan. Since you will not likely make Vladmir’s Offering yourself, you need to ask one of your teammates to assist you in killing Roshan. Securing Aegis of the Immortal is very important, as this item enables your hero in crucial points of the game. Throughout the game, pay close attention to Roshan’s respawn time and make sure to kill it in time.

The two most important points of the game for Ursa are whenever he finishes Skull Basher and Abyssal Blade. With the help of these items, Ursa gains an insane killing potential.

Ursa is not very good at killing creeps or split pushing, so make sure to participate in as many kills as possible.

In the late stage of the game prioritize killing key enemy heroes. Jump on them with the help of Abyssal Blade and finish them off with the help of Fury Swipes and Overpower charges.

Allies and counters

Ursa can benefit a lot from having teammates with disables. Ursa can work well in the lane with Lich and Shadow Shaman. It is always good to pick Ursa as a counter to annoying melee cores with a high amount of HP.

The biggest counter to Ursa in the lane is Venomancer, as it is very annoying to lane against him. Ursa also doesn’t like playing against very mobile heroes, such as Weaver, Storm Spirit or Batrider.