This week we are going to talk about an insanely powerful and annoying hero. Supports hate playing against him, midlaners fear him, no one can feel safe whenever this hero is in the game(even his teammates :P). The hero of our today’s guide is Tiny.

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Table of contents

Role in the game

Tiny can be played in all five positions. As a midlaner, he can quickly get four points in Avalanche and Toss and become a real threat to his opponents. As a carry, he can outfarm anyone with the help of Tree Grab. As an offlaner he can become very tanky and provide initiation for his teammates. Even as a support Tiny can have a decent impact by Tossing his opponents under the tower and getting easy kills. But most commonly Tiny is used as a roamer. In this role, he can get easy kills all around the map and with the addition of Blink Dagger, provide initiation at any stage of the game.

The purpose of Tiny is to initiate fights by Tossing enemies out of position. Dislocated abilities always were very powerful in Dota 2, for this reason, Tiny will always be viable in both matchmaking and professional games.


  • Avalanche is a powerful AoE stun, which is very annoying to face in fights. The reason to max Avalanche over other spells is to reduce its cooldown, which is quite high at low levels. Avalanche deals more damage to a target while it's Tossed. In case you want to burst the target quickly, Toss it and then immediately use Avalanche to deal the maximum amount of damage.
  • Toss makes Tiny the monster he is right now. The ability allows you to dislocate the enemy hero by Tossing him into your teammates. This can be crucial in fights in any stage of the game. Toss also deals a lot of damage to towers. Keep in mind that you can Toss units on runes, it may help you in clutch situations.
  • Tree Grab is not very useful on a roaming Tiny, unless you get to a late game with high net worth. Tree Grab can be used to kill couriers or give vision in the area.
  • Grow gives Tiny what he lacks the most - armor. At its max level, the ability gives an insane 26 points of armor, which allows Tiny to frontline and feel comfortable during fights.

Tiny roaming


As your starting items, you should get yourself a Boots of Speed and a set of Tangoes. Having boots is very important, as Tiny needs mobility to provide in the lane and while roaming.

Your key items for the early stage of the game are Magic Stick and Arcane Boots. Never ignore Magic Stick, as this is the best item you can get on any support hero in any game.

In case you have a very good game, you may skip arcanes and go straight for your key items - Blink Dagger. Once you get Blink, you become a real threat to any enemy heroes.

Follow the Blink Dagger with Force Staff to add extra mobility to your hero.

In the late-game, your item build can be very variable. Shadow Blade can always be a decent option, as this item allows Tiny to select a better position in a team fight and Toss the key enemy hero out of position. Daedalus, Aghanim’s Scepter and Assault Cuirass can turn you into a real late-game carry. However, in case your team has necessary damage in fights, you can go for useful defensive and supportive items, such as Solar Crest, Heaven’s Halberd, Lotus Orb, Vladmir’s Offering and so on.

As Tiny often jumps in the epicenter of the fight, you may also find Aeon Disk very useful.

Tiny roaming


The early stage of the game can determine your whole game. With a good start, you can potentially single-handedly win the game by rotating and killing enemy heroes all around the map. So how do you secure yourself a comfortable start?

In case you have a good match-up in the lane, everything is quite simple. You just go to your lane and use any opportunity to Toss your opponents out of position. But what if the lane is not in your favor?

The simplest thing you can do is to move behind the enemy tier-1 tower to steal the enemy creep wave. Move it in between allied towers and connect with allied creep waves. It will allow you to get level 2, deny the full allied wave and ruin the lane equilibrium in the lane, which means your offlaner will also get quite a lot of experience.

Tiny roaming

Pulling is another good option. Very often enemy support will fear to chase you in the jungle, as you can Toss him onto allied offlaner and kill him. It means most of the time you will have free access to the big neutral camp.

However, staying in the offlane is not the only option for Tiny. It can be very effective for him to start in the tri-lane in the safelane. By doing so, you can very easily kill any enemy hero whenever he comes close to creeps. By Tossing him into two of your allies, this hero will not have a chance to survive. Not to mention, you may also Toss him all the way under your tower with a little cooperation with your teammates.

Once you get to level 2 the real fun begins. The whole map is open for you to gank and kill. Pay close attention to the middle lane, as it is the best lane you can get kills at. By killing the enemy midlaner you can secure yourself quite a lot of gold and experience, not to mention help your midlaner to carry the game. Use the most unexpected paths, do not be afraid to rotate inside the enemy jungle.

Tiny roaming

Be as annoying as possible until minute 10, then chill for a bit and focus on getting the Blink Dagger. Blink is the key item for roaming Tiny. This item will make you twice stronger in fights. Once you get Blink Dagger, use it to initiate fights by tossing enemy heroes out of position.

Even though Tiny can’t get armor from agility, he has quite a lot of it thanks to Grow. You should never be afraid to jump in, initiate a fight and create space for teammates while taking some of the incoming damage.

Aside from the offensive strengths of a hero, Tiny also works as a saver. Anytime your teammates get initiated on, you can try to Blink in and Toss him to safety.

Tiny is the hero you can go for if you want to both win the game and have fun. His spells deal a lot of damage, his gameplay is based on roaming and killing people

Allies and counters

Tiny hardly has any counters, as he is a support and can provide impact in the game in pretty much any scenario. It is not as fun playing against midlaners with escape mechanics, such as Puck or Queen of Pain, as they can easily avoid your ganks.

As opposed, Tiny is a great counter pick to immobile heroes, such as Viper or even Lina. Once you Toss them out of position, they are dead for sure.