This week we are returning to one of the most beloved roles of the game - the role of a middlaner. The hero of our today’s guide is Templar Assassin. In a previous patch, you could see professional teams fighting over TA in the first phase of the draft. The hero is insanely strong in the lane, farming very fast, has the ability to kill Roshan early and can deal a tremendous amount of damage.

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Table of contents

Role in the game

Templar Assassin is played exclusively as a midlaner. If your parents haven’t raised you correctly, you may consider picking her as a jungler as well.

The purpose of TA in the game is to dominate in her lane, farm key items very fast, kill Roshan and then demolish everyone on the map. Templar Assassin creates a fast tempo in the game, which can be very difficult to deal with for her opponents.


  • Refraction is a very powerful defensive and offensive ability. The spell creates a shield visible for you and your opponents, which absorbs up to 6 hits from any incoming damage at its max level. It also gives Templar Assassin bonus damage, which helps her to win the lane and improves her fighting and farming potential.
  • Meld is another ability, which can be used both offensively and defensively. While used, Templar Assassin grants invisibility. It can help her to dodge ganks. At the same time, TA gains the ability to deal additional damage and reduce the armor of the attacked target for 12 seconds. Meld makes it a lot easier to kill Roshan very early into the game.
  • Psi Blades is a very strong farming tool, which also helps Templar Assassin to win her lane. All units located behind an attacked target will also receive damage. It goes for last-hits, hero attacks and denies.
  • Psionic Trap helps Templar Assassin to split push lanes and kill her opponents without any real effort. You may use Psionic Traps to gain vision over runes, neutral camps, and Roshan.

Templar Assassin

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Item build for a Templar Assassin is very straight forward. As any other ranged midlaner, she needs additional stats and consumables to feel comfortable in the lane. As your starting items, you should purchase x2 Slippers of Agility, Circlet, Faerie Fire and an Iron Branch.

Iron Branch helps to use the shared Tango without leaving the lane, not to mention it doubles its healing effect. Faerie Fire may help you during 1v1 fights with the enemy midlaner, or can save you during a gank.

Your key items for Templar Assassin in the game are Desolator and Blink Dagger. Doesn’t matter in which order you complete these items, you will need them both to start being dangerous for your opponents. With Desolator first, you will farm faster and will also have an opportunity to kill Roshan. With Blink first, you will be able to participate in more kills. Select whichever item you want to get first based on your playstyle.

Templar Assassin

One of the most important items for Templar Assassin is Black King Bar. Even though TA is a ranged hero, she has a very small attack range. Often in fights, you will find yourself in the epicenter of the battle. Do not fool yourself, you will always be a number one priority for the enemy team to kill.

In the late-game, any expensive item will do its work for you. Bloodthorn is great, especially in combination with the Nullifier. Daedalus, Monkey King Bar, and Butterfly may be useful as well based on the situation in the game.


The gameplay of Templar Assassin is as simple as her item build. During the laning stage, aim to select an angle, which will allow you to harass your opponent with Psi Blades on a constant basis. Use Psi Blades before the spawn time of power runes, to have an easier time collecting them.

Once you reach level 6, place Psionic Traps around key spots of your lane. Place two traps on both power runes, at least one trap in the middle lane and two remaining traps around the exits of allied or enemy jungles, depending on the situation in the map. Do not be shy to purchase yourself Sentry Wards. Not allowing the enemy midlaner to destroy your Psionic Traps can have a decisive factor in the game.

Around the time you get to level 7, you should be able to push the lane very fast with the help of Refraction and Psi Blades. Aim to push the lane and farm nearest camps of neutrals. If your opponent is not playing very carefully and steps on the traps a lot, you can skip farming neutrals and focus more on killing the enemy midlaner and applying pressure on his tower. Be very careful not to die while diving. Templar Assassin is one of the fastest farming heroes in the game. Every death will significantly slow down your potential to get levels and items.

Dedicate the time between 10th and 15th minutes to farming. During this time, your goal is to get yourself both Blink Dagger and Desolator. It may sound quite hard, but Templar Assassin is insanely good at farming.

If you go for the Desolator first item, you may consider killing Roshan with one of your teammates. To kill Roshan easily, enter the Roshan pit and use Meld. Do not hit Roshan right away, wait for the Meld to get off cooldown to hit Roshan twice in a row with it. It will help you to stack the minus armor effect and kill Roshan a lot easier.

In case you go for the Blink Dagger first, you will need to get some extra golds from kills. Otherwise, the Blink purchase will not make sense.

Just like Huskar and Ursa, Templar Assassin’s gameplay is focused a lot around the Roshan. Your goal is to have a trap inside the Roshan pit at all times to have the information about his respawn. Use the first Aegis of the Immortal to get rid of all outside enemy towers, use the second Aegis of the Immortal to lock down enemy heroes in the base or to finish the game, if the advantage is big enough.

Templar Assassin

Once you get to level 15 and select Psionic Trap damage talent, you may start using Psionic Traps to push away lanes. It helps a lot to control the map. You and your team may push the top and middle lanes, while you push the bottom lane with traps, It may lock the enemy team in the base and help you to get full control over the map.

To sum it up. Templar Assassin is a high tempo hero. Destroy your lane, finish your key items fast, secure Aegis of the Immortal and start moving actively around the map while destroying enemy towers. Play around the respawn of Roshan. Take full advantage of Psionic Traps in all stages of the game.

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Allies and counters

Templar Assassin is a great counter-pick to immobile heroes with mediocre attack damage. She can work very well against greedy cores, as TA can create a very high tempo in the game and finish it quickly.

Templar Assassin doesn’t like playing against heroes with illusions or units, such as Phantom Lancer, Chaos Knight, Naga Siren or Lycan. Good counters to TA in the lane are Huskar, Venomancer, and Viper. However, Templar always has the ability to leave her lane and farm jungle starting from level 3.