Snapfire is a ranged strength hero, who can potentially be used in all five positions. This hero has four active spells, each of which can deal damage. It makes Snapfire a powerful nuker and laner.

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Table of contents

Snapfire 7.23

Role in the game

You can play Snapfire either as a support/offlaner or as a carry/midlaner. Depends on his items and talents, Snapfire can be used in both roles.

As a support/offlaner this hero can apply a lot of pressure on his opponents in the lane and then dominate throughout the early and middle stages of the game.

Snapfire may also be played as a carry/midlaner. In these roles, he can provide a decent impact in all stages of the game, including the late-game.


  • Scatterblast is the key ability of Snapfire in the lane. Scatterblast has a decent AoE, applies slow de-buff, has low mana cost and low cooldown. If you use it at point-blank range, it deals 50% more damage.The ability is good for harassment, ensuring a last-hit of a ranged creep, jungle farming and split-pushing.
  • Firesnap Cookie. This spell is a decentish AoE stun, which can be very impactful in case you are laning with a powerful melee hero. You can use it to set up kill attempts. You can use it on yourself, allied heroes or even allied units. This ability can be also used in a defensive way. The ability may help you or your teammates to get over cliffs. Firesnap Cookie scales very bad with levels, consider getting only one point in this spell and max it later in the game.
  • Lil’ Shredder is a great harassing tool. Use it to annoy enemy cores during the laning stage, as this ability significantly lowers attack speed, which can mess with their last-hitting. In case you play as a carry/midlaner, this ability can allow you to shred your opponents once you get to level 20 and improve this spell with a talent.
  • Mortimer Kisses is a signature ability of Snapfire. It is not easy to control it, but if you manage to hit your opponent with several explosions you will deal a tremendous amount of damage. This spell also applies slow and burn de-buffs. The biggest strength of this ability is that you can use it from a very long distance. Mortimer Kisses insanely effective in combination with long disables, such as Chronosphere or Fiends Grip.

Snapfire 7.23


Snapfire is a great carrier for teamfight oriented items, such as Guardian Greeves, Vladmir’s Offering, Pipe of Insight, Solar Crest and Crimson Guard. Having these items allows Snapfire to provide an extra impact to his team. Without these items, you will be too dependent on using your ultimate super effectively in every single fight, which is very hard even for professional players.

Snapfire 7.23


Snapfire can provide a lot of impact during the laning stage. With the help of Scatterblast and Lil’ Shredder, he can apply a lot of pressure on his opponents in the lane. Aim to use Scatterblast to ensure last-hits of ranged creeps. Do not be afraid to trade your HP with enemy heroes. Snapfire has 3 base armor, which is quite high.

Use Lil’ Shredder on the enemy carry whenever he tries to get an important last-hit. Be as annoying as possible.

Once you learn Mortimer Kisses you gain an insane killing potential. Ask your teammates who have a stun to make a rotation to your lane to make a kill. You might as well consider making a rotation to another lane by yourself.

Snapfire is very strong in fights near Outposts, as he can prevent enemy heroes from casting it with the help of his powerful ultimate.

Even though Snapfire is a fight-oriented hero, he is also very good at split pushing and decent at farming neutral camps. Make sure to use these aspects of a hero to their fullest potential

Pay attention to your positioning during fights. Since Snapfire’s ultimate can be casted from a long distance, you may always find a great place for yourself inside the Fog of War.

Your best timings to win a game or gain a significant advantage as offlane Snapfire are around 22nd to 36th minute. Aim to finish one or two teamfight oriented items and then force as many fights as possible before enemy cores finished their BKB’s.