Today we talk about one of the most entertaining supports of Dota 2 - Rubick, the Grand Magus. A hero is very beloved among skilled Dota 2 players, as he may become a real threat for the enemy team when played correctly. Rubick is a powerful counter to heroes with AoE stuns and strong ultimates.

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Table of contents

Role in the game

Most often Rubick is played in the role of soft support. On rare occasions, we can see him in the roles of midlaner, offlaner, or hard support.

The purpose of Rubick in the game is to apply pressure on the enemy carry, provide initiation, and disable his opponents with the help of Telekinesis and stolen abilities.


Telekinesis is a powerful disable. Even though it is a single-target ability, it stuns opponents in decent AoE on impact. Since Rubick has no cast-time on his spells, Telekinesis works perfectly as a counter to mobile heroes.

Fade Bolt is Rubick’s harassing and farming tool. The spell is very good in the lane as it does not only deal damage but also reduces damage. Damage reduction may have a crucial impact on the early fights.

Arcane Supremacy is a passive ability, which amplifies debuff duration and spell damage. The ability allows Rubick to disable his opponent for a long period of time. It works very well in combination with stolen disables.

Spell Steal is a signature ability of Rubick. By using a Spell Steal on an enemy hero you are going to steal the last spell your opponent has used. It works best against heroes, with powerful ultimates, such as Enigma.

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Rubick (roamer)


As your starting items, you should get yourself a Sage’s Mask, two sets of Tangoes and a Faerie Fire. Sage’s Mask is very good for keeping your mana up, so you can use Fade Bolt more often.

In the early game use Sage’s Mask to complete Ring of Basilius to share that mana regen with your lane partner. After that get yourself Arcane Boots, Magic Wand and a Wind Lace. Wind Lace is a very cost-efficient item to have on a support. Additional movement speed is going to help you select a better position during fights.

In the mid-stage of the game disassemble your Arcane Boots and use Energy Booster to complete Aether Lens. Follow it up with a Blink dagger.

Follow up your build in the late-game with Aghanim’s Scepter and Force Staff. At this point your default build is complete. After that consider getting yourself Boots of Travel and Aeon Disk.

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Rubick (roamer)


During the laning stage your main goal is to secure last-hits of ranged creeps with the help of Fade Bolt.

Use it that way so it hits both range creep and the enemy carry to harass him. Prevent enemy support from pulling creeps, block the neutral camp with your body or with the help of Observer Ward. Whenever the lane is pushing, and it will push since you spam Fade Bolt, pull the big neutral camp to move the lane closer to your tower. Control runes. With the help of minute 4 power rune, you can potentially get a kill on the enemy midlaner. Start roaming around the map once nighttime begins.

During the mid-game, your goal is to use two key strengths of your hero: split-push and initiation.

Use Fade Bolt to split-push lanes, it is going to help you receive extra experience and gold. Use Smoke of Deceit together with your teammates to set up kills. Play around key timings, such as Bounty Runes and Power Runes timings.

The later the game goes, the more individual skill you are going to be required to show.

Pay close attention to your positioning during fights and aim to steal key enemy spells. Focus on stealing stuns or major ultimates, such as Black Hole.

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GOSU.AI GUIDES: Rubick (roamer)

Allies and counters

Rubick works very well with pretty much any melee offlaner. He is great in combination with Brewmaster, Beastmaster, Mars, and many other heroes.

He is a great counter to heroes with powerful ultimates, such as Enigma, Warlock, Centaur Warrunner.

Best counters to Rubick are heroes, who mostly have physical abilities, such as Drow Ranger, Lycan, Phantom Assassin.