Hey fellas. This week once again we are going to look into another female midlaner - Queen of Pain. A few years ago the hero was very popular among players in all ranks, but now she is definitely out of the meta. But no worries, after reading our guide, you might consider trying her out.

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Table of contents

Role in the game

Queen of Pain is played purely as a midlaner. Technically, you can use this hero in any other role, but it is rarely a good idea. QoP depends a lot on the experience gain, so if you use her in the side lane, it is not going to be as effective.

The purpose of Queen of Pain in the game is to be active and create space for the rest of her team. QoP is very strong in the lane. Most often players pick this hero to secure a victory in the lane and then snowball all over the map.


  1. Shadow Strike is a very powerful harassing tool. The ability applies an annoying slow and poison de-buffs. It is not necessary to max this spell, but having two points in Shadow Strike at level 3 may allow you to dominate the enemy midlaner.
  2. Blink is a great offensive and defensive tool, which gives Queen of Pain a lot of mobility. Use it to move between jungle camps and around the map quicker. Be careful when using Blink offensively.
  3. Scream of Pain is a great split-pushing, farming and killing tool. The ability works on invisible units. Use it to secure last-hits during the laning stage.
  4. Sonic Wave is one of the strongest AoE spells in the game, as it deals a lot of damage. What is also important, it deals the pure damage, so it can’t be dodged by magic immunity.

Queen of Pain mid


Starting item build for Queen of Pain is the same as for any other ranged intelligence hero. You should get yourself two Mantle of Intelligence, a Circlet, a Faerie Fire and an Iron Branch. Make sure to ask your teammates to share at least one Tango with you. Having an Iron Branch is very important, as it allows you to use the Tango without leaving the lane and also double its healing effect.

In the early game, you should aim to get yourself two Null Talismans, Bottle, a Magic Wand and a Power Treads. These items will give you a lot of stats and the ability to provide a lot of impact in fights. The bottle is very good for QoP, as she is able to control power runes easily with the help of Blink.

In the mid-game, in case you have a good game, it is always a good decision to go for Orchid Malevolence. With a tough start, would be better to build Eul’s Scepter of Divinity. This item is cheaper, gives a decent mana regen, which helps QoP to come back into the game by farming neutral camps more efficiently. Very often it would be a good decision to go for Black King Bar as your second major item. In case the enemy team has very few disables, you can skip BKB and go directly for Shiva’s Guard.

Queen of Pain mid

In the late game, use Orchid to build Bloodthorn, get yourself a Scythe of Vyse and you are good to go.

As Queen of Pain is a very aggressive hero, in some games you will be required to purchase Linken’s Sphere or even Aeon Disk. Build your items depending on the situation in the game.


As we stated in the intro, Queen of Pain is a lane dominator. It is better to play this hero by having an advantage over the enemy team. To build this advantage, you need to make sure to win your lane and make several effective rotations in the early stage of the game. Pay close attention to the match duration timer, control power runes and use them to gank the side lanes.

After making kills, focus on taking down towers. In the current meta, creating space on the map is very important. Each tower you destroy will give your team a lot of additional space on the map to farm and take it away from the enemy team.

Even though Queen of Pain is a powerful ganker, it is important not to forget about the other important aspect of the game - farming. Use Scream of Pain to farm neutral camps while the ultimate is on cooldown. Bring yourself Clarities to have a decent supply of mana.

Play around the cooldown of Sonic Wave. Once the ultimate is up and ready to use, encourage your teammates to be more active and set up fights. QoP is good at creating a high tempo in the game.

Queen of Pain is very dependent on experience. If possible, purchase all the Tomes of Knowledge from the shop. Your goal is to get to level 25 as quickly as possible. With ‘Scream of Pain 1.5s Fear’ talent Queen of Pain becomes insanely strong and can single-handedly win the game.

Queen of Pain mid

Allies and counters

  • Queen of Pain is a great counter to Razor. This hero is quite hard to counter, but definitely not for QoP. She lanes very well against most other heroes in Dota 2.
  • QoP doesn’t like playing against fat heroes, and heroes with instant disables. Great counter to Queen of Pain are Puck, Lion, Shadow Shaman and Dragon Knight.