We haven’t spoken about supports in a long time. This week, it is time to change it. The hero of our today’s guide is Oracle.

Oracle is one of the strongest defensive supports in the game. The hero makes it very hard for the enemy team to initiate a fight and can always turn it around. Oracle provides quite a lot of damage in the early and mid-game fights, which allows his team to burst down enemy heroes quickly. If you want to play a hero, who can have a high impact on the game, good both defensively and offensively, Oracle is definitely a hero for you.

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Table of contents

Role in the game

Oracle is purely a support hero. He is great as a hard support, but can also work as a roamer. In some rare cases, Oracle can also be played in the middle. In this role, he can provide a lot of damage in early fights and can potentially finish the game very quickly.

The purpose of Oracle in the game is to save and protect his teammates in fights. As for the early game, Oracle can make several rotations and help his team to get kills with the help of his nukes.


Fortune’s End works both defensively and offensively. It removes debuffs from allies and applies root debuff when cast on enemies. The spell works in a small AoE, which allows to use it on several heroes. The longer you cast the ability, the longer the root debuff is going to last. The spells work great in combination with Purifying Flames when cast on enemies, as it removes its healing effect.

Fate’s Edict is another spell, which you can use with different goals on your opponents and allies. By casting on allies, you increase their magic resistance to 100%, which means you can heal them by Purifying Flames without hurting them. By casting it on the enemy carry, you can disarm him and prevent him from hitting anyone during fights.

Purifying Flames deals damage and applies periodical heal debuff. The spell works in combination with all other Oracle’s abilities. It increases the healing effect in combination with False Promise, heals the target without damaging it in combination with Fate’s Edict and makes it a lot easier to kill a target in combination with Fortune’s End.

False Promise is the key ability of Oracle in the late stage of the game. The spell helps Oracle to save his teammates in pretty much any situation and then heal them.



As your starting items, you should get yourself a Headdress and two sets of Tangoes.

Headdress became very popular on supports, as it helps both support and a carry to feel very comfortable in the lane.

In the early game, your goal is to get yourself an Arcane Boots, a Magic Wand, and a Wind Lace. Do not underestimate the Wind Lace. Additional movement speed granted by this item can help Oracle to select an effective position and always join fights in time.

In the mid-game, disassemble the Arcane Boots and use Energy Booster to build Aether Lens. As an addition to Aether Lens, you will need to get yourself an item, which will improve your survivability, such as Glimmer Cape or Force Staff.

In the late-game, you might find a Blink Dagger handy, as this item is going to allow you to save your teammates from a long distance.

Situational items may have a huge impact on your game. To counter silences, it can be great to get yourself a Lotus Orb or Guardian Greeves. Aeon Disk is going to protect you from the initiations of your opponents, while Ghost Scepter may protect you from an aggressive attack of enemy cores.



Oracle is a very strong, yet vulnerable support. Your goal in the lane is to safely get yourself a level 3 and then use your high magical damage to kill enemy heroes in the lane.

Use Purifying Flames to ensure last-hits of ranged creeps in case your carry is not able to do so. Securing ranged creeps is very important, as they give more gold and experience than melee creeps. If you manage to secure all the ranged creeps and deny allied ranged creeps, you can get to level 3 a lot faster and dominate your lane easily.

Oracle is very good at rotations, as Fortune’s End provides a powerful root debuff, while Purifying Flames deals an insane amount of damage. Rotate with the allied roamer, make kills together. Play around the most farmed and active cores of your team.

The best way to play Oracle is to force active moves by yourself, rather than respond to the moves made by the enemy team.

Positioning is a key for Oracle in fights. You should always be ready to protect your teammates with Fortune’s End, Fate’s Edict and False Promise.

Having a Healing Salve can be handy to save your teammates with False Promise. It can be very effective even in the late stage of the game.

Use Fog of War to your advantage. Hide behind the trees to prevent enemy heroes from seeing you and initiating on you in fights.


Allies and counters

Oracle is a great counter pick to line-ups with powerful initiating abilities. He works well against Faceless Void, Batrider, Legion Commander, Beastmaster and all other similar heroes. He is great to pick in combination with Huskar or Death Prophet.

At the same time, Oracle doesn’t like playing against heroes, who can jump on him at the beginning of the fight, such as Storm Spirit or Phantom Assassin.