For many patches, Ogre Magi remains one of the strongest and most useful supports in the game. Even though the hero is very simple, he can provide an enormous impact in all stages of the game. He is one of the very few supports in the game, who can be a full frontliner, while also being a position 5.

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Table of contents

Role in the game

Ogre Magi is very popular as a support or an offlaner. He is most commonly used as a hard support.

The purpose of hard support Ogre Magi in the game is to dominate his lane, provide a free farm for allied carry and then play as a scouter/frontliner in later stages of the game.

One of the biggest strengths of Ogre Magi is his ability to speed up the farm of his cores with the help of Bloodlust. This buff alone can have a crucial impact on the game.

Ogre Magi 7.23


  • Fireblast is a powerful stun. The skill requires only 75 mana to use and gets a lot stronger once you get to level 6. Since Ogre’s ultimate - Multicast, gives him an ability to double-cast the ability with a 75% chance at level 1, maxed Fireblast can deal a tremendous amount of damage in the early stage of the game.
  • Ignite is a great harassing tool. It applies slow and burn de-buff, while also having a decent duration. In later stages, the ability is great for canceling the ability of enemy heroes to use Blink Dagger. It is not recommended to max or even learn Ignite in the early stage of the game, as other spells of Ogre Magi provide him a lot more bonuses.
  • Bloodlust is the reason why Ogre Magi is being picked so often. This simple spell, which has a very low mana cost can have an insane impact on the game. Bloodlust can help you win the lane and then significantly speed up the farm of your cores.
  • Multicast is a signature ability of Ogre Magi. It improves all other abilities of Ogre Magi and also works with many items, such as Hand of Midas, Scythe of Vise and Solar Crest.Unrefined Fireblast is an Aghanim’s Scepter ability. The spell works just like Fireblast, but always requires 60% of your mana to use.

Ogre Magi 7.23


Ogre Magi doesn’t have the ability to farm or split push effectively. This is why it is very unlikely you are going to have many items unless you were lucky enough to purchase Hand of Midas.

As your starting items, we recommend buying Orb of Venom, two sets of Tangoes, Enchanted Mango and an Iron Branch. Venom is great for harassing purposes, while other items are necessary to get for sustain.

In the early stage of the game, your goal is to get yourself a Magic Stick, Arcane Boots, and a Quelling Blade. Magic Stick is overall the best item you can get on any support, while Arcane Boots allow Ogre to use all of his spells effectively. Quelling Blade might not be the item you see on supports often, but he is for sure very effective on most of them. QB will allow you to de-ward effectively and also create a pathing for yourself in the trees, surprising your opponents with unexpected positioning.

In case you have a very good start and managed to participate in several kills, it is always a good option to go for Hand of Midas. This item allows Ogre Magi to farm like crazy and to become insanely useful in the later stages of the game.

In the middle stage of the game, your goal is to improve your poor mobility. Disassemble Arcane Boots and use its component, Energy Booster to build an Aether Lens. Add a Force Stuff to your build and you are going to have no troubles casting your spells effectively in fights.

Two best items you can get in the late stage of the game are Solar Crest and Scythe of Vyse. Keep in mind that thanks to Multicast you can potentially use these items on four enemy heroes at once. A potential 4x Scythe can single-handedly win the game.

Ogre Magi 7.23


Ogre Magi is a lane dominator. If you pick Ogre and then lose your lane, your game is going to be horrible. Cooperate with your carry players to zone away and kill your opponents in the lane. Deny as many creeps as possible.

Your goal is to use your high base armor, health regen and Orb of Venom to demolish your enemies and secure a complete free farm for your carry.

Ogre Magi is quite slow and his cast range is not very good, so the hero is not very powerful at rotations. That’s not a problem, as you need to learn to know the weaknesses of the hero you play and aim to use his strengths. As you can’t gank effectively, you can spend more time stacking and protecting your cores. Your carry will love farming the stacks you made with the help of Bloodlust.

You should always follow your cores and buff them with a Bloodlust to speed up their farm. This is a huge part of Ogre’s gameplay.

During fights, you should focus on staying upfront and tank the incoming damage from your opponents. You should literally force enemy heroes to waste spells on you, so your teammates can kill them easily.

In the meantime, do not forget to provide good vision for your teammates throughout the game. It is necessary to get a Quelling Blade to be able to de-ward enemy Observers and Sentries, which are located on the cliffs.

Allies and counters

Ogre is a support-frontliner. He works well in the lane with ranged heroes, who can benefit from someone staying in front of them. Ogre is very strong in combination with Drow Ranger, Morphling, Viper, Luna, and other ranged heroes.

Ogre is good to pick versus melee offlaners, as he can zone them easily. However, ranged offlaners can be quite hard for Ogre to deal with. As an Ogre, you absolutely hate to lane against Batrider, Venomancer and Nature’s Prophet.