Today we will talk about one of the hardest, yet strongest heroes of Dota 2 - Morphling. To play this hero effectively, the player required to have good mechanical skills and decent map awareness. If you want to prove that you are a good Dota player and have the ability to control your hero flawlessly, Morphling is definitely your first choice hero.

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Role in the game

Morphling can be played in two positions - carry and mid. He equally good in both positions, but in this guide, we are going to talk about the carry Morphling.

The purpose of Morphling in the game is to farm his items efficiently and then use his farm to demolish enemy heroes in fights. Morphling with Ethereal Blade can easily kill any enemy support and grant his team a man advantage in a fight.


Waveform is Morphling harassing, fighting, and farming tool. The spell allows Morphling to move between neutral camps faster and speed up his farm. Morphling is invulnerable while in Waveform, which allows him to use this ability to dodge enemy spells.

Adaptive Strike(Agility) is your killing tool. Whenever you have more than 50% agility over strength, the spell is going to amplify the damage based on your agility. It may allow you to deal an insane amount of damage by using a single button. The spell works very well in combination with Ethereal Blade.

Adaptive Strike(Strength) is your defensive tool. The spell allows you to stun a target for up to 3 seconds and knock it back. Just like the agility strike, the strength strike is working based on your current strength. Whenever you have more than 50% strength, the spell is going to amplify its effect. Keep in mind that whenever you use Adaptive Strike(Strength), Adaptive Strike(Agility) will go on cooldown and vise versa.

Attribute Shift is what makes Morphling so strong and annoying. The spell allows Morph to shift his agility and strength, which can result in Morph having an insane amount of damage and armor or health.

Morph allows Morphling to turn into the enemy hero. While the spell is active, you can switch between your form and Morph’s form. While in Morph form, you gain all basic abilities(non-ultimate) of your opponent with reduced mana cost. You can upgrade this spell with the help of Aghanim’s Scepter and use Morph to turn into your teammates.



Morphling can benefit a lot from having lots of stats and Ethereal Blade. However, in some games, you are not gonna need this item. Let’s look closely at the item build.

As your starting items, you should get yourself two Circlets, two Iron Branches and two sets of Tangoes. As you can see, starting from the very beginning of the game you already want to aim to get yourself as much stats as possible.

In the early-game use Circlets to complete two Wraith Bands, follow it up with a Magic Wand, Boots of Speed, and Morbid Mask. Having Boots before Morbid Mask is important but not necessary. Boots of Speed are going to help you to harass your opponents a lot more effectively. Finish the early build by completing Power Treads.

In the mid-game, you will have to make some choices. The most common build is Yasha into Ethereal Blade into Manta Style. However, if you play against Phantom Lancer, you may go for Diffusal Blade and Manta Style. Diffusal is very good against PL, as you can turn into him and use Doppelganger to your advantage. If you have Earthshaker or Dark Willow in the team, you can consider going for Aghanim’s Scepter. Aghanim’s gives you the ability to Morph into your teammates, which can make you a lot stronger. Linken’s Sphere build may be handy against heroes, who can instantly initiate on you. Consider going for Linken’s into E. Blade build versus Batrider, Lion, Shadow Shaman and Legion Commander.

Late-game items are usually the same. Your go-to items in the late stage of the game are Butterfly, Eye of Skadi, and Satanic.

If you want to have an easier time selecting the most effective item build, you can try out GOSU Voice Assistant. The Assistant can suggest correct item build based on the draft.



The gameplay of Morphling is quite straightforward.

During the laning stage, your goal is to use Attribute Shift to your full advantage. To make this spell work to your advantage you really need to get to level 3. Before you reach level 3, try to play carefully but once you get two points in Attribute Shift, you may start playing a lot more aggressively and apply a lot of pressure on your opponents.

Your second goal in the lane is to get your base items, such as two Wraith Bands, Boots, and Morbid Mask. Aim to get these items, kill a siege creep and then immediately move to the jungle. Focus on farming Ancient camps. Ancient creeps give a lot more gold and experience than regular neutral camps.

Farm neutrals until you get Yasha and Ethereal Blade. With these two items, you can start joining fights on a regular basis. In the mid-game focus on killing supports. E. Blade allows Morphling to kill supports very quickly.

Prioritize using Morph on heroes who have stuns or mobility spells. Having an additional Blink from QoP is going to help you to become absolutely unkillable.

Use Attribute Shift to trick your opponents. Always be ready to use this ability whenever you go into the fight. If you want to Waveform aggressively it is always a good decision to use Attribute Shift(Strength) right after. You can always cancel it and go back to Agility if everything goes well.

In the late-game change your main focus from supports to cores.


Allies and counters

Morphling is a great counter to melee heroes and heroes, who can’t reach him easily. Once you perfect your gameplay on Morphling, you are not going to have any trouble playing against any other heroes.

The biggest counter to Morphling in the lane is Batrider. He can be very annoying, especially if you have a weak support in the lane. The greatest counter to Morphling in the game are Phantom Lancer, Anti-Mage, and Lycan.