Seems like our readers are quite skillful players. Otherwise, it is hard to explain why so many people wanted to see a guide for Meepo, especially right after the Invoker guide. However, you asked - we delivered. Welcome - midlane Meepo guide.

Meepo is one of the dirtiest and strongest last-pick heroes in Dota 2. If you want to learn to play this hero you need to have good micro-skill and decent map awareness. However, you should not be scared. The gameplay of the hero is very simple. Once you learn it, you are going to be able to dominate your games without any problems

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Table of contents

Role in the game

Meepo should always have the highest priority in the game. He is very dependent on both net worth and experience. This is why it is best to play Meepo in the midlane position, in rare cases, he is also viable as a carry.

The purpose of Meepo in the game is to quickly farm levels and items and then use his net worth and experience advantage to finish games quickly. His power timings are around 18th to 30th minutes.


  • Earthbind is a powerful AoE root. As the root mechanic was buffed in many patches, now the spell is insanely good for keeping targets in place and even canceling their teleports. With the help of level 20 talent, Earthbind allows Meepo to keep any desired target rooted permanently.
  • Poof is a strong farming and mobility tool. The spell is very good for ensuring last-hits in the lane and flash-farming jungle. You can use Poof to teleport one Meepo to another or even to illusion.
  • Ransack steals health from the unit you attack and restore it to all the Meepos. The ability allows Meepo to restore HP while farming and improves his survivability in fights.
  • Divided We Stand is the key ability of Meepo. With each level of this spell, Meepo spawns one additional clone. You may also improve this ability with the help of Aghanim’s Scepter, as it is going to add another clone.



Meepo is a hero, who is very dependent on agility and strength. All your items, with a very few exceptions, should be focused on bringing you additional stats.

Your starting items should consist of a Circlet, two Slippers of Agility, a Faerie Fire, and an Iron Branch. Make sure to ask your teammates to share two tangoes with you.

In the early game, use previously bought items to complete three Wraith Bands, follow them up with Power Treads.

Ethereal Blade and Eye of Skadi are your best items for the middle stage of the game. They give a lot of stats, improve your survivability and killing potential.


In the late-game, get yourself a Silver Edge to get an opportunity to make single-kills and then follow it up with a Scythe of Vyse, which serves the same purpose.

Scythe of Vyse is the item you should get when playing against powerful counterpicks, such as Earthshaker or Winter Wyvern. If you manage to kill them with the help of Hex at the beginning of the fight you are going to win the fight easily.

Other items that should be mentioned are:

Heaven’s Halberd - great counter to heroes with a lot of physical damage, such as Ursa or Monkey King.

Dragon Lance - a great option for the early-game to improve your stats. It gives 12 strength and 12 agility, which are going to help you to play a lot more aggressively in early fights.

Blink Dagger - the only downside of the Blink, is that this item doesn’t provide any stats. The item is good for experienced Meepo players, as they perfectly know how to take advantage of it.


Before we go to the gameplay part, move into settings and set up several hotkeys to make it simpler to play a Meepo. You are going to need hotkeys for ‘Select All Controlled Units’ and ‘Select All Other Units’. Make sure you have a bind-key for ‘Next Unit’ and you are good to go.

It is highly recommended to use Quick Cast when playing Meepo. It will significantly decrease the time you have to spend on using his spells.


The gameplay of Meepo is actually quite simple. To be able to win games you are not even required to win the lane or to make any ganks. All you have to do is to flash-farm jungle until you get your key items and then gather up with your teammates to finish the game. Is that this simple? You would be surprised, but that’s the basic scenario in most Meepo games.
First things first, the game for a midlaner starts with a creep block. Meepo is very dependent on a good creep block, as he is very vulnerable during early levels. Do your best to block creeps effectively to secure level 4 faster. Once you get to level 4, the real Meepo game begins. Start out pushing the middle lane with the help of two Poofs and then immediately move to the jungle to increase your farm by farming neutral camps. By doing so you can significantly out-farm and out-level your opponent.


Your next task is to get yourself an Ethereal Blade. Once you get this item, you may start moving actively around the map and participating in fights. E. Blade is good for setting up kills, finishing off low HP targets, or saving one of your Meepos from the focus of the enemy team.

Roshan is your key objective at any given time of the game. Aegis of the Immortal makes Meepo five times stronger. This additional life is going to help you to take down all the outside towers of the enemy team, secure territorial advantage and play very aggressively in fights.

With the addition of Skadi and Silver Edge, you should have more than enough killing potential and survivability. Use these items to make single-kills and then move on to destroy enemy structures.

To make it simple, here is how your default gameplay should look like: Get level 4 > start farming neutrals > buy Ethereal Blade > kill Roshan > destroy all outside enemy towers > buy Eye of Skadi > finish the game.

Allies and counters

  • Meepo can benefit a lot from playing with heroes, who can provide initiation and build team fight oriented items. Many offlaners, such as Omniknight, Legion Commander, Beastmaster and many others work excellently in combination with Meepo.
  • Biggest counters to Meepo are the heroes who can dominate him in lane or deal a lot of AoE damage in fights. The most notable counters are Monkey King, Huskar, Shadow Fiend, Winter Wyvern, Elder Titan, and Earthshaker.