In today’s guide, we will talk about Lina. Lina is a hero, who can always find her way to the meta. It doesn’t matter what patch is, Lina can always be very strong as a midlaner since she can provide both physical and magical damage in fights, depending on her item build. She is very versatile and can be comfortably picked at any stage of the draft.

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Lina magical build (mid)
Lina physical build (mid)

Table of contents

Role in the game

Lina is mostly played as a midlaner but also is very strong as a roamer(position 4).

As a midlaner, she can easily win her lane against pretty much any other hero in Dota 2. She is very versatile, as she can select either physical or magical damage build. Lina may play greedy but can also create space for her teammates as well.

As a roamer, she can secure a victory in the lane and then provide a lot of magical damage in fights.

The purpose of Lina in the game is to provide damage in fights. With three active spells, she can quickly burst down a hero in a fight and provide a men advantage


  1. Dragon Slave is a powerful AoE nuke, which allows Lina to secure last-hits, farm very fast and provide a lot of damage in fights. The spell has quite a big range, which allows Lina to use it from a safe position.
  2. Light Strike Array is another AoE nuke of Lina. It deals quite a lot of damage and also stuns for a total of 2.5 seconds at its max level. The ability is good for securing last-hits, harassing your opponent, farming and split-pushing throughout the game. Works very well in combination with Eul’s Scepter of Divinity.
  3. Fiery Soul makes core Lina very powerful in later stages of the game. Attack and movement speed bonuses help Lina to be very mobile in fights and deal a lot of damage.
  4. Laguna Blade, alongside other nukes, allow Lina to kill any hero on the map. Focus on using it as often as possible to get kills all around the map to secure an advantage for yourself and your team.

Lina physical build (mid)


Lina magical build (mid)



Your item build can vary depending on the selected playstyle. Magic build allows Lina to create a lot of space around the map and apply a lot of pressure on her opponents in the early and middle stages of the game. The physical build makes Lina insanely powerful in the middle and late stages of the game.

As your starting items, you should purchase two Mantles of Intelligence, a Circlet, a Faerie Fire and an Iron Branch. Make sure to ask your teammates to share at least one Tango with you. Having an Iron Branch is very important, as it allows you to use the Tango without leaving the lane and also double its healing effect.

In the early game, your goal is to complete two Null Talismans and get yourself a Bottle and a Magic Wand. For the physical build, go for Phase Boots. For the magical build, go for Arcane Boots, which you can later disassemble to build an Aether Lens.

The mid-game is where your items build can differ a lot depending on your selected role.

For the physical build, you should go for Eul’s Scepter of Divinity and follow it up with Shadow Blade. These two items together will allow you to be very mobile, roam around the map effectively and get easy kills.

For the magical build, go for Eul’s Scepter of Divinity into Aether Lens(which you get by disassembling the Arcane Boots). Follow it up with Boots of Travel. Once again, your goal is to improve your mobility. BoT’s will help you to be present in all the key fights in any place on the map.

In the late-game, physical Lina needs to get Daedalus and Assault Cuirass. In most games, you will also need a Black King Bar. With these items, you will be able to demolish any enemy hero in a fight in a space of several seconds.As for the magical build, you should get yourself an Aghanim’s Scepter and a Bloodstone. With the Aghanim’s upgrade on Laguna Blade, Lina becomes an absolute monster, as she can burst down any desired target instantly.

Lina physical build (mid)


Lina magical build (mid)



As stated above, Lina is a lane dominator. There are no heroes in the game, who can counter her in the lane. Some match-ups can be even, but most of the time you should have no trouble beating your opponent in the lane.

Thanks to two AoE nukes, Lina can flash-farm very well. Always focus on stacking jungle camps and farm them with the help of your abilities. The combination of lane domination and farming abilities of a hero should allow you to secure yourself a high net worth.

Pay close attention to the match duration timer and control the power runes. Power runes may help you to make effective rotations.

As Lina is very versatile, it is hard to call any specific moves for her. She is good at both farming, split pushing and killing. Depending on a situation in the game you can either focus on getting yourself needed items or simply roaming around the map killing anyone you want. Try to keep a perfect balance between farming and fighting. Do not focus on one strong aspect of a hero and completely ignore the other.

Positioning is key for Lina in fights.

The hero deals a lot of damage, which always makes her a number one priority target for the enemy team. The first thing you need to think about in a fight is how to use your spells without being killed immediately after. Aim to position yourself in the backline behind the fattest heroes of your team. Cooperate with your teammates and ask them to go up front.

In the late-game, Lina with the physical build becomes very good at taking down towers. With the help of Fiery Soul and attack range talents, she can attack towers with an insane attack speed from a very large range.

Lina physical build (mid)


Lina magical build (mid)


Allies and counters

  • Lina is one of very few heroes, who can comfortably lane against very dirty and annoying heroes, such as Viper, Razor, Huskar, Venomancer and even Broodmother. She is a great counter to melee heroes, as they may have troubles dealing with the constant harassment of Light Strike Array and attacks.
  • Lina hates playing against heroes, who can get to her quickly, especially roamer. Clockwerk, Earthshaker, Earth Spirit and Spirit Breaker can ruin her gameplay by jumping on her in every fight.