Keeper of the Light is a powerful team fight oriented support, which can have a major impact on the game. The hero has a very simple gameplay and works well in combination with many heroes. KotL is also very good at split pushing, which helps his team to secure a territorial advantage over the map.

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Role in the game

Keeper of the Light is purely a support hero. The hero is unplayable in other roles unless you want to improve how cool you are to your friends.

As a soft support, KotL may quickly farm many team fight oriented items, such as Pipe, Vlad’s and Aghanim’s and use these items to lead his team to victory.

As a hard support, Keeper can quickly move around the map to place useful vision and provide mana for his teammates.

The purpose of Keeper of the Light in the game is to assist his teammates by providing them mana and reducing the cooldowns of their key abilities. The hero also brings a lot of split pushing and team fighting potential to his team.


Illuminate is a powerful split pushing tool. The ability allows Keeper of the Light to split push lanes and defend towers from a very long distance. This spell may be upgraded with Aghainm’s Scepter. Aghanim’s makes Illuminate heal teammates during the daytime.

Blinding Light is very good for team fighting and as a counter to heroes with many units or illusions. The blind effect lasts for a total of 6 seconds at its max level, which can have a major impact on the fight. You may use it to interrupt the channel of several spells in the game, such as Charge of Darkness or Icarus Dive.

Chakra Magic works insanely well with many different heroes. Its cooldown reduction may help you to set up many kills during the laning stage and throughout the game. You may also use it on your opponents to burn their mana.Will-O-Wisp is a very annoying team fight oriented ability. It works in a huge area of effect and may have a crucial impact on fights.

Keeper of the Light


Starting items for Keeper of the Light is the same as for any other default hard support in a current patch. Get yourself a Headdress and two sets of Tangoes. Headdress is insanely strong, as this item allows you and your carry to lane comfortably throughout the laning stage.

Keeper of the Light

Keeper has a huge base movement speed. The best thing you can do is to boost it even more with the help of movement speed items. In the early game, your goal is to get yourself a Tranquil Boots, a Magic wand and a Wind Lace. With all the movement speed you gain from these items you are going to be able to rotate very fast around the map, place useful wards and help your teammates by restoring their mana.

In the mid-game, it would be very helpful to get both Glimmer Cape and Force Staff. These two items give Keeper decent mobility and survivability. Both of the items are going to allow you to save your teammates in fights.

Very rarely Keeper of the Light gets to purchase expensive items in the late-game, but if you are lucky, get yourself Aeon Disk, Scythe of Vyse and Aghanim’s Scepter.


As we mentioned previously, Keeper of the Light’s gameplay is very simple. Thanks to high movement speed you can do everything on time. Stack, split push, ward, give mana to your teammates and select a good position in a team fight.

One of the strengths of KotL at the beginning of the game is his ability to secure a Bounty Rune by himself. You may either run for the enemies Bounty Rune or fight for the closest one alongside your carry. When the rune is about to spawn use Blinding Light to push your opponents away and secure it effortlessly.

In the lane, use Blinding Light to ensure last-hits of ranged creeps. Even though the spell deals only 50 damage, alongside normal attack it is going to be enough to secure a last-hit.

Focus on stacking and pulling the small neutral camp. KotL doesn’t have the best base damage and is not good at trading HP, this means that the best thing you can do for your carry is to pull and allow him to farm under the tower.

Your first power spike is at level 3. With two points in Chakra Magic you can start playing a lot more aggressively. Encourage your lane partner to use his spells as often as possible and then restore his cooldowns and mana.

Keeper is not good at ganking but has a decent saving potential. Pay attention to the minimap and once your midlaner gets dived, be ready to protect him with the help of Blinding Light.

Keeper of the Light is very mobile and also has a long-range nuke. It makes him very good at stacking neutral camps. Pay attention to the game timer and stack multiple camps whenever you have an opportunity to do so. You can farm them either yourself or with the help of your teammates later on.

During fights, your job is to use Will-O-Wisp on as many enemy heroes as possible. Pay attention to your positioning, stay behind your teammates and wait for a good opportunity to use your ultimate. Select the best hero you can spam Chakra Magic on and do so in fights.

Keeper of the Light

Allies and counters

  • Keeper of the Light works very well in combination with many different heroes. He is insanely effective together with Ember Spirit, Gyrocopter, Void Spirit, Bristleback, Timbersaw, Storm Spirit and several other heroes.
  • Keeper works well as a counter to heroes with many units or illusions, as Blinding Light helps to reduce their damage significantly.