This week we want to update one of the very first guides we ever made - Juggernaut guide. As the patches change one another, both gameplay and item build for this very powerful carry have changed. We hope this guide is going to help to win all your games in patch 7.26.

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Table of contents

Role in the game

Juggernaut is one of the most versatile heroes in the game. He barely has any counters and is able to provide a lot of impact in any game. The hero is able to farm very fast, deal a lot of damage in fights and is also very good at both pushing and split-pushing.

Juggernaut is usually played in the role of carry. In rare situations, he might be played as a midlaner. It is not recommended to use the hero in other positions, as he needs quite a lot of farm to be useful.


  • Blade Fury is a powerful fighting, farming and split-pushing tool. The spell deals a lot of damage and may help you to make many kills in the early and middle stages of the game. Blade Fury makes you magic immune, which can help you to dodge magical damage or make a teleport-out in critical situations.
  • Healing Ward is very good for pushing, fighting and killing Roshan. The ward works in a decent AoE and restores up to 5% of max health at its max level. Be careful not to allow enemy heroes to attack the ward, as it only has one HP and dies from any single attack.
  • Blade Dance is a passive ability, which allows Juggernaut to deal critical damage. This spell helps Juggernaut to deal more damage in fights and farm a lot faster.
  • Omnislash is the signature ability of Juggernaut. The spell makes Jugg jump over random targets and deal damage to them with every hit and jump. Avoid using this spell with many creeps nearby. You can get a mini-Omnislash by purchasing an Aghanim’s Scepter.



As the Juggernaut is very versatile, his item build can vary as well depending on your preferences. In this guide, we will recommend the easiest, yet the most effective item build you can try for Juggernaut.

For your starting items, you should get yourself three Iron Branches, six Tangoes, a Healing Salve, and a Quelling Blade. These items are going to give you enough sustain and stats.


In the early-game, you need to get yourself a Wraith Band, Power Treads, a Magic Wand and a Mask of Madness. As an alternative to Power Treads, you might get yourself Phase Boots. Both items are very good for Juggernaut, but Power Treads provide additional attack speed, which works very well in combination with Omnislash.

As the mid-game starts, place Battle Fury and Sange and Yasha into the quick-buy menu. These two items will make you a lot stronger in farming and fighting.

In the late-game, get yourself an Aghanim’s Scepter, Butterfly, Abyssal Blade, and Satanic. Keep in mind that you can disassemble Mask of Madness and use its components to build Butterfly and Satanic.


As we mentioned before, Juggernaut is a very versatile hero. He has the ability to do many different things at each stage of the game. You can select the desired playstyle based on a situation in the game or your personal preferences.

During the laning stage, the biggest strength of Juggernaut is the ability to kill his opponents with the help of Blade Fury. This spell deals an insane amount of damage at early levels. Try not to use this spell defensively, as it has quite a long cooldown. If you use it for saving purposes, you might find yourself in a very bad position. In opposite, cooperate with your lane partner and aim to set up killing attempts as often as possible. Worst case scenario, you are going to evenly trade HP with your opponent, best case - you can get a kill.

If the lane is too hard for you, get an early point in Healing Ward and use it safely to restore your health.


In the middle stage of the game, your goal is to use all key strengths of your hero. Use the high farming potential of Juggernaut to get yourself new items. Use the pushing potential and apply pressure on enemy towers with the help of Healing Ward. Use the split-pushing potential of the hero and push side lanes offensively, use Blade Fury with Town Portal Scroll to escape in critical situations.

As for the late-game, you should aim to play around all key objectives of the game. Healing Ward helps Juggernaut to kill Roshan without losing any HP. His spells work best during Bounty Runes and Outposts fights, as there are not many creeps around. Cooperate with your teammates and aim to play around the Omnislash cooldown.

Allies and counters

We love Juggernaut because he can fit in pretty much any line-up. There are barely any heroes, who can win Jugger in the lane.

  • The best counters for Juggernaut are heroes with many units, or heroes, who have spells that work against magic immune units. The best heroes you can pick against Juggernaut are Axe, Pugna, Chen, and Lycan.
  • Juggernaut works best with supports, who can either slow or disable his opponents. He is very good in combination with Lich, Grimstroke, Crystal Maiden or Shadow Shaman. He works exceptionally well in pushing line-ups, so Beastmaster, Dragon Knight, Chen, and many other pushing heroes will do extremely well with Juggernaut.