Hey guys. Another week and another support in our guide series. Today we are going to talk about one of the simplest, yet most effective supports in the game - Lich.

Lich is an intelligence ranged hero, who is very good both offensively and defensively. Lich is very strong in the lane and is also very useful in team fights. Sinister Gaze makes him one of the strongest initiators in the game since the spell has no cast time.

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Table of contents

Role in the game

Lich is one of those heroes, who is only useful in a support position. In rare cases, you may also use him as a roamer or even as an offlaner.

The purpose of Lich in the game is to provide magical damage, save his cores, and disable key enemy heroes.


Frost Blast is a powerful harassing ability. The spell is very good in the lane as it allows Lich to harass his opponents and secure last-hits of ranged creeps. It has a very low cooldown, so Lich can use it very often.

Frost Shield is a great defensive and offensive ability. It creates a shield over a target, which increases the armor and enables slow de-buff. The ability is also very good at defending towers.

Sinister Gaze is an instant disable. It works very well against mobile heroes. The spell becomes insanely strong with the addition of the cast range talent and Aether Lens.

Chain Frost is your team fighting tool. Your goal is to use this spell around several enemies so it can bounce between them. Each hit of Chain Frost also slows the attacked target.

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Lich (support)


The main goal of Lich in the lane is to secure a complete free farm for his carry. He can do it easily by spamming Frost Blast. To do so, you are required to purchase a lot of consumables.

As your starting items, you should get yourself a Healing Salve, 6 Tangoes, 3 Enchanted Mangoes, a Clarity, and an Iron Branch. Having so many mangoes and a Clarity is going to allow you to spam Frost Blast as often as you like and apply an insane amount of pressure on your opponents in the lane. Make sure to share two Tangoes with your midlaner, as it is going to allow him to purchase all necessary stats items.

In the early-game, you have to purchase Tranquil Boots and a Magic Wand. In case you have a good game, you can go straight for Glimmer Cape. Purchase two Bracers if the game is not going your way.

In the mid-game finish previously mentioned Glimmer Cape and start building Force Staff. These two items are going to add enough mobility and defensive potential to your hero.

The best items for the late-game are Aghanim’s Scepter, which improves stats of Lich and turns Sinister Gaze into an AoE disable, Aeon Disk for protection and Scythe of Vyse for additional initiation.

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GOSU.AI GUIDES: Lich (support)


Lich is insanely powerful lane support. Coming to the lane you should be ready to apply as much pressure as possible on the enemy heroes. Once creeps meet, you should instantly use Frost Blast on the enemy offlaner and start hitting him. Use the second Frost Blast to ensure a last-hit of a ranged creep. Do so only in those cases, when you carry doesn’t have any active spells, which can help him to secure a last-hit himself. Keep spamming the enemy offlaner and be ready to bring additional consumables to spam him even more. Make pulls whenever the lane is pushing.

Once you get to level 2 and get a point if Frost Shield you can consider making killing attempts. Frost Blast and Frost Shield together can apply an insane slow de-buff on a target. Not to mention Frost Shield makes it very hard to trade HP for enemy heroes.

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Lich (support)

As the nighttime begins, it is very important to place several Observer Wards around the map. Make sure to provide good vision for your teammates all around the game but especially during the nighttime.

Lich is a decent roamer and a perfect defensive support. Make sure to make save-teleports whenever your teammates get dived under the tower. Consider making rotations yourself, especially if you have some active core heroes or active roamers in the team, such as Void Spirit or Ember Spirit. You can easily make kills together.

Positioning is key for Lich during mid and late-game fights. Use Fog of War to your advantage. It is very important for you to use Frost Shield, Chain Frost, and Sinister Gaze effectively during fights.

Allies and counters

Lich is insanely powerful in combination with a strong carry in the lane. In case his carry has a stun, Lich can set up kills easily. Wraith King, Chaos Knight, and Riki work insanely well with Lich.

Active roamers also enable Lich a lot. Heroes, such as Tusk and Earth Spirit can work very well in combination with Lich.

The biggest counter to Lich in the lane is Batrider since Lich can do very little to stop him from diving and killing Lich or his carry.