The hero of our today’s guide has finally found his way back to the meta. For a long time, Clockwerk was ignored by many players but now he is showing quite good results, both in matchmaking and in professional games.

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Table of contents

Role in the game

Clockwerk is the most popular in the role of an offlaner. He is quite good as a roamer but may also work as a position 5.

The purpose of Clock in the game is to provide initiation for his team, make single kills around the map and stay upfront of his teammates, so they can receive more space.

Clockwerk offlane


  • Battery Assault deals damage and stuns the target every 0.7 seconds. The interval can be upgraded with level 25 talent. The ability is great for fighting, making single kills and farming.
  • Power Cogs allows Clockwerk to keep his enemies in place. You can destroy each cog with a single hit, while your opponents need to make two hits. If the enemy is outside cogs, he is going to get pushed away whenever he comes close to them. It allows Clockwerk to use Power Cogs to cancel teleports.
  • Rocket Flare is a global ability, which is very good for scouting your opponents and pushing away lanes.
  • Hookshot is the key ability of Clockwerk, which allows him to initiate fights from a very long distance. Hookshot pierces magic immunity, which means you can use it to cancel teleports, even if your opponent is under the effect of Rage, Blade Fury or Black King Bar.

Clockwerk offlane


The item build for Clockwerk is very straight forward.

At the beginning of the game, you should purchase x6 Tangoes, a Healing Salve, an Enchanted Mango and a Quelling Blade. You need all these consumables to sustain comfortably during the laning stage.

In the early game, you need some additional stats to be able to survive after aggressive initiations and get some money and experience out of fights. For this reason, you can benefit a lot from having two Bracers and a Magic Wand. Follow up these items with Power Treads or Phase Boots.

In the mid-game, your two key items are Blademail and Force Stuff. Both items serve the same purpose, you need them to increase your survival.

Aghanim’s Scepter is a necessary tool to get in the late game. The item will allow you to use Hookshot more often. Other late-game items for Clockwerk are once again connected to survival - Shiva’s Guard and Black King Bar.

Clockwerk offlane


Clockwerk is not the hero that you want to play from behind. As Clock, you need to make sure to secure yourself an advantage and then do everything possible to increase it.

But as you come to the lane, you realize that your spells are not that strong and cost too much mana. Not to mention, that you have only 2 armor and mediocre damage. What do you do to win the lane? Well, first of all, you need to secure yourself level 3. Having two points in Battery Assault and a point in Power Cogs can allow you to make an easy kill on the enemy support. To secure that desired third level, you need to constantly drag creeps closer to yourself, make pulls if you can, and in some rare cases, you may move behind the enemy tier-1 Tower to steal the second creep wave. If you drag this creep wave in between allied tier-1 and tier-2 towers, you can easily secure a full level, while also destroying lane equilibrium.

After getting level 6, it is very important to take full advantage of Hookshot. Ask for a rotation to your lane, or make a teleport to either the middle lane or safe lane. Get a kill, farm till the Hookshot is on cooldown and repeat it again and again.

In ideal theory, your goal is to use Rocket Flare to get yourself a vision on a target, Hookshot it, lock it in cogs and kill it with Battery Assault. These four skills used correctly may always grant you a kill.

In the late-game, your goal is to become a full frontliner for your team. Use all your defensive items to stay upfront of your teammates and tank the incoming damage.

Allies and counters

Clockwerk is a great counter to any immobile heroes. Once he locks them inside cogs, they can’t do anything to escape.

The best counters to Clockwerk are mobile heroes, or heroes with illusions, such as Puck, Phantom Lancer or Naga Siren.