Usually, it is quite hard to make the guide interesting. Most heroes are very alike, they don’t have any significant differences between one another. Well, today’s guide is not like the others.

Today we will talk about Broodmother, the hero, who is very popular among boosters. We will not only describe the special gameplay of this hero but will also talk about some tricks and even game-breaking bugs, which will help you to use this hero to its fullest potential.

This hero has helped me to get very important victories during the latest calibration, even in games against Zai, 33, Qojqva, Insania and Gorgc(id: 5032215245) and almost full Gambit Gaming roster with the addition of Nikobaby(id: 5032289341).

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Table of contents


Well… here comes the new paragraph. As we make a guide for a hero, who has to control many units, the first thing we need to do is to set up all the necessary hotkeys to control these units easily and effectively.

So, firstly, open the settings and set up hotkeys for the control groups.

Broodmother 7.22

Then start the custom lobby, pick Broodmother and create both Spiderlings and Spiderites. Select one or more Spiderlings and press ‘Ctrl’ + one of the hotkeys you selected for a control group. Then do the same for Spiderites, but use another control group. That’s it. Next time you join the game and pick Broodmother, you will be able to select all the Spiderites or all the Spiderlings by only pressing one of the selected hotkeys.

Why is that necessary? The answer is very simple - HP difference. Many heroes in Dota 2 have AoE spells, this is why when you attack that hero with Spiders, firstly you want to attack him with Spiderlings exclusively, as they will not die because of the amount of their health. Then, once the opponent has used his AoE spell, you can bring Spiderites as well. This logic also works for the creeps in the jungle with AoE spells.

Then move into the advanced settings and set up a hotkey for a ‘Select All Other Units’. It will help you to select all the spiders without selecting your hero.

Broodmother 7.22

Early-stage of the game(-1:30-12:00)

Once the game starts, you should move to the middle lane and place two Spin Webs.

Broodmother 7.22

In case you are going to lane against a hero, who is considered being one of the counters to Broodmother, then you should place one web to cover your highground and some area behind your Tower and the second one to cover the enemy high ground. In case you are going to lane against a weaker hero, do it the other way around.

The reasoning behind it is very simple. If you lane against a hero, who can deal AoE damage, he will constantly push the lane onto you, so you need that space behind your tower to farm comfortably. If the enemy hero is not able to push the lane, then you need an additional space behind the enemy tower to apply more pressure on this hero.

Place them that way, so you can move between them without losing Spin Web buff.

Broodmother 7.22

Once you reach level 2, you should learn Spawn Spiderlings and use this spell as often as you can to create an army of Spiderlings and eventually Spiderites. In case you lane against a hero, who can kill spiders easily, such as Templar Assassin, you need to be very careful to keep Spiderlings alive. Use the Spiderlings to last-hit only when it is safe and your opponent can’t kill them.

By the time you reach level 4, you should already have a small army of spiders. Get level 2 Spin Web and use it to create a path to nearest jungle camps. Now is the time you start farming both lane and your jungle.

Broodmother 7.22

Same goes for level 6. With 3 points in Spin Web, you can cover up a bigger space for farming.

Make sure to bring yourself additional Clarities and Enchanted Mangoes to restore your mana. Having only Soul Ring will not allow you to use Spawn Spiderlings as often as you want.

The thing you need to realise and understand to dominate games on Broodmother, this hero is not about destroying towers and not about killing heroes. This hero is about getting her levels as quickly as possible. Your goal is to get levels 20 and 25 as fast as you can to learn talents, which will boost your spiders.

Nonetheless, you can easily participate in fights and get some kills with the help of spiders in case the fight happens close to the place you farming at. Not under any circumstances, you should use Town Portal Scroll to help your teammates. Farm, farm and then farm some more, that’s all you have to do.

Obviously, in case the enemy team has absolutely no way to kill spiders and defend towers you can try to play more actively. However, in most games, there is likely going to be that one hero, who is going to follow you and waste your time while you are trying to push.

As we have discussed, Broodmother is very dependent on her levels. For this reason, you may ask one of your supports to leave you a Tome of Knowledge at minute 10. The sooner you get to level 20, the faster you are going to finish the game.

Do your best by farming as fast as you can. By the end of the early stage of the game, your goal is to finish Soul Ring, Medalion of Courage and a Hand of Midas.

Broodmother 7.22

Mid-stage of the game(12:00-26:00)

As you might guess, the middle stage of the game does not differ from the early stage, as your goal is still to get yourself level 20 and then level 25.

Once you purchase Aghanim’s Scepter you can play more active and participate in some fights, but always keep in mind that farming is your highest priority in the game.

Make sure to purchase yourself a Tome of Knowledge at minute 20.

Broodmother 7.22

Closer to the end of the middle stage of the game you should finally finish your very desired level 20. The domination will finally begin. Right away you can make a call for your teammates to kill Roshan. If you have a decent amount of Spiders and Solar Crest finished, it will take you close to 10 seconds to kill Roshan by yourself.

With the Aegis of the Immortal advantage, you can move on to win fights and destroy all enemy towers you want.

Start farming in more aggressive spots. Ask your teammates to place an aggressive vision as well.

Late-stage of the game(26:00-99:59+)

If you get to this stage with good conditions, you may do pretty much whatever you want. Demolish enemy heroes in fights with the help of your Spiders, destroy enemy objectives, kill Roshan, lock your opponents on their base.

Broodmother is very good at split pushing enemy objectives, you should always keep that in mind. With the help of level 20 talent, which boosts the damage of spiders, you can demolish enemy side of barracks in a space of several seconds. So once your team start a fight near the top tier-3 Tower, you can immediately move to the bottom lane and the other way around.

By playing as suggested in our guide you can potentially win the game without making a single kill. Why even bother making kills, if you can destroy the enemy Throne in a space of 5 seconds with the help of Spiders? However, making kills for you will be as easy as destroying tower, so it is for you to decide whether you want to make kills or not.

You still have to follow some key rules. First of all, ask your supports to place an aggressive vision, as you really want to play as offensive as you can. Avoid unnecessary deaths. Brood is a very fast farming hero, which means you will likely have an insane amount of net worth and experience. Every time you die you will lose a huge part of that gold and exp.

As the gameplay part of the guide comes to an end, let’s point out some of the key things you need to remember while playing Broodmother.

  • Your main goal as Broodmother is to get quickly to levels 20 and 25.
  • Kills and towers are not as important as farm. Make sure to farm both lane and jungle effectively.
  • Ask your teammates to leave Tome of Knowledges, as once again, it is very important for you to get to desired levels as fast as possible.
  • Once you get to level 20 immediately make a call for your teammates to kill Roshan.
  • In the late-game, it is not very important for you to make kills. Split pushing strategy is insanely strong, as you can destroy the enemy side of barracks in a space of few seconds.

Common mistakes

  1. Trying to push the enemy Tower while the enemy team tries to defend it. It is simply not worth your time. If the enemy team wasting a lot of resources to defend the tower, just let them. Meanwhile, you can farm all the jungle camps and get both level and item advantage.
  2. Participating in fights before you reach needed conditions. It is fine to get a kill or two on supports, who tries to interrupt your farm in your own jungle. However, you should avoid any fights that are happening too far away from your farming locations.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Improve your skill through watching streams, videos or replays of professional players, who pick this hero.

Broodmother 7.22

How many spiders do you think are there? One? Well, you are wrong by a little. Over 30. To stack all the spiders in one position, you need to select all the spiders then use Left Shift and the Right Button on the Mouse. With this simple trick, you can easily kill your opponent by surprise.

3.  So at the beginning of the guide, I have talked about the game-breaking bug. Here it is. If you ever played with or against Broodmother, you might have noticed the game is lagging sometimes. Even though many players think the lags are random, they are not. Game lags every time a huge amount of units walk into the vision of the enemy team. So if you have a lot of spiders and walk into the enemy vision, for example, you meet an enemy hero or walk into the vision of the enemy Tower, the game will freeze for a second. Too bad, it also works for the enemy Observer Wards. So anytime you walk into the vision of the enemy ward, the game freezes, which means you have a legit maphack for the wards and can get rid of them easily. Not to mention, you can realise whenever the enemy hero with invisibility is scouting you. It might be insignificant for lower brackets, but this is a game-changing factor in high ranked games.

Allies and counters

Counters to Broodmother are quite obvious. Any hero who can deal with the spiders automatically becomes a good counter pick to Brood. Tiny and Kunkka are likely the worst, as they force Broodmother to abandon the middle lane and lose a tower quite early.
The best allies of Broodmother are heroes with disables. Spiders can deal an enormous amount of damage. All Brood needs is someone to hold enemy heroes in place.
Broodmother is a farm-oriented hero, so you want to avoid picking Brood into greedy line-ups, as there will not be enough farm for you to get on the map.