Today we want to talk about one of the most annoying and very fun heroes - Bounty Hunter.

Since players in lower and medium ranks find it hard to deal with invisibility and tend to fight a lot, Bounty Hunter can secure himself a lot of gold with the help of Track and become absolutely unstoppable in the mid and late stages of the game.

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Table of contents

Early-stage of the game(-1:30-12:00)

Bounty Hunter 7.22

The early stage of the game starts with the Bounty Rune fight. One of the biggest mistake BH can make with the regular laning match-up is to skill Shadow Walk at level 1. It is very necessary for you to learn Jinada. This spell will help you to ensure last-hits, harass your opponents and steal their gold.

Look on the enemy heroes you are going to face in the lane. If the match-up works fine for you, just come to the lane and do your dirty business. In case you are going to face very powerful lane dominators, such as Huskar, Razor, Undying, etc, it is a lot better to immediately move behind the enemy tier-1 Tower and steal the second creep wave. Aggro creeps on yourself and move them into a safe position for yourself to farm. If you play for the Radiant, it is better to move them in between allied tier-1 and tier-2 towers. If you play for the Dire, either move them to your tier-1 tower or in between tier-2 and tier-3 towers. This might sound quite hard to do, but it really isn’t. This simple trick is commonly used on professional and high ranked games.

Coming to the lane you need to make sure to use Jinada effectively. Aim to use this spell to ensure last-hits of ranged creeps and to harass the enemy carry. Bounty Hunter has a lot of armor starting from the very first level, so you should not be afraid to trade your HP even under a creep wave.

If you lane against heroes, who do not have any powerful abilities, consider building Phase Boots starting with a Chainmail. Use your high amount of armor to dominate in the lane.

Bounty Hunter 7.22

Pay attention to the match duration timer. Make sure to contest Bounty Runes in time.When you are about to hit that delicious level 6, you may ask some of your teammates in advance to make a rotation to your lane to make a kill.

Once you reach level 7, your opponent will have a very hard laning against you and is likely going to leave the lane. Use this space to destroy the enemy tier-1 Tower and start rotating around the map.

Mid-stage of the game(12:00-26:00)

By the time the game reaches the mid-stage, you should be about to finish Drum of Endurance. With Drums, Phase Boots, Magic Wand and a Wraith Band you should start actively moving around the map and killing your opponents everywhere you can.

Avoid walking on the most common ways, such as default entrances to the jungle. Very likely the enemy team will have vision there. If you know for sure the enemy team has a vision in an area, you can consider getting yourself several Sentry Wards and dewarding it.

Ask your supports to give you Observer Wards from time to time, as you can place them very deep into the enemy jungle. These wards will help you to kill the enemy courier easily.

Bounty Hunter 7.22

Think carefully about your item build. Very often it will be the best decision to purchase Black King Bar straight after Drums and Solar Crest. Bounty Hunter is a hero, who really wants to chase his opponents and hit them all the time. BKB will help you do so. In case the enemy team doesn’t have a lot of disables or nukes, it can also be very useful to purchase Desolator or Sange and Yasha.

With the help of Track kills your team will likely have a net worth advantage, make sure to turn it into a territorial advantage as well. Force fights around enemy towers, so after a successful fight you can get rid of them and secure more map control for your team.

Late-stage of the game(26:00-99:59+)

In the late-game, Bounty Hunter can turn from the offlaner into a carry. As he gets a lot of gold from Track kills, he can easily get all the necessary or desired items he needs.

Try not to show yourself on the map. The less you show yourself, the more chances you have to make a successful gank.

Use Track as often as you can to reveal the positioning of your opponents. Analyze the draft and think what kind of items your team needs the most to win the game.

Focus on playing around key objectives, such as Towers, Roshan and Bounty Runes. The easiest way to force a fight is to do so while the enemy team tries to contest bounties.

Common mistakes

  1. Buying not enough healing items for the laning stage. BH has a lot of armor, if you boost it up by a comfortable amount of regen, you will be able to farm very comfortably and win your lane easily.
  2. Moving very obviously. Good enemy supports will always place vision and detection in the most common entrances to the jungle. Make sure to avoid these spots.
  3. Leaving the lane too early. BH is often associated with roaming, but he is no longer a roamer, he is an offlaner. Stay in the lane long enough to secure yourself all the necessary levels and items.
  4. Getting Shadow Walk at level 1. It can be only effective if you play to stack several enemies creep waves. Other than that, it is always more valuable to get a point in Jinada. This ability will help you to secure last-hits, apply pressure on enemy heroes and steal their gold.

Tips & Tricks

Improve your skills through watching streams, videos or replays of professional players, who pick this hero.
Many players forgot about that and rarely use this feature, but you can use the current gold of your opponents with the help of the Track.
Watch for the reaction of your opponents whenever you move around the map. You might see by their movement that they very likely have spotted you.

Allies and counters

  • Bounty Hunter is an excellent counter pick to pretty much any melee carry. He can demolish him in the lane and build an advantage.
  • BH is very good to pick in combination with Tinker, as Tinker can benefit a lot from having a Track vision. All mobile heroes, such as Queen of Pain, Storm Spirit or Ember Spirit also work perfectly with BH.
  • There are no real counters to Bounty Hunter, as he can easily lane not only against a duo lane but against a tri-lane as well by simply cutting enemy waves with the help of Shadow Walk.
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