Not so long ago we have talked about a very simple midlaner, now it is time to talk about one of the simplest, yet insanely effective supports – Bane Elemental.

This is probably the best hero you can pick if you aim to secure complete free farm for your carry. He is good at roaming, doesn’t need a lot of items and can be very effective in all phases of the game.

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Table of contents

Starting Items

Bane 7.22 starting items

As Bane has very good stats, all he needs is enough consumables to be able to play aggressively and zone his opponents out of the lane. Having a Healing Salve, x6 Tangoes, Faerie Fire, x2 Enchanted Mangoes and an Iron Branch are going to allow you destroy opponents in the lane.

Make sure to pull x2 Tango to your midlaner, as it will allow him to buy Faerie Fire and Iron Branch.

Early stage of the game

Not under any circumstances, you should learn any other spell than Brain Sap at level 1. This is one of the biggest mistakes, quite a lot Bane players make. The only reason you should get Nightmare at level 1, is that if you can use it to both get the first blood and secure a Bounty Rune for your team. It is very important to skill Brain Sap, as this spell helps you to apply a lot more pressure on your opponents and effectively trade HP with them.

There are two main positions you can select in the lane. In case your opponents have a very strong duo-lane, and they can potentially punish you for aggressive positioning, you should stay behind your core and carefully harass them. If your opponents are weak, just go crazy. Position yourself closer to the jungle, so you do not drag creeps aggro on yourself while harassing enemies and apply as much pressure as possible on them. Make them waste all their regen, if they get to low HP you can try to set up a killing attempt with the help of Nightmare.

Bane 7.22 ability build

Pay attention to power runes, as Bane is one of few supports, who can take them easily. There are no heroes in the game, who can steal the rune from Bane in the early stage of the game, as he can secure it with the help of Nightmare.

Make stacks of neutral camps whenever it is possible. Make sure to make pulls in case your lane is pushing towards the enemy tower. It is a carries job to control to lane, but it is supports responsibility to restore its equilibrium in case something goes bad.

As nighttime begins, it is very important for you to control Bounty Runes and then immediately place vision. It is insanely important to have good vision during the first nighttime, as usually at this time, heroes start actively roaming around the map.

Do not sit in the safelane for too long. Good movement is a key to win games as a support. Do not wait for your opponent to apply pressure on your team, do it first. It is significantly easier to play if you are the one, who is forcing the enemy team to answer to your ganks, rather than other way around.

Mid stage of the game

As Bane doesn’t have any abilities, which would help him to farm, he is very dependent on getting kills to be able to gain levels and buy items. Unlucky for him, he is also very dependent on his teammates to make kills. This is why you should always aim to play around the most farmed cores of your team. Get yourself Smoke of Deceit and encourage your teammates to help you get kills with it.

While you make a smoke-gank, do not also forget to place some useful vision. It is very important to provide good vision for your team throughout the game.

Pay a lot of attention to your positioning in fights. Position yourself behind the core heroes of your team.

Use Fog of War to your advantage. Bane is one of the best heroes in the game, who can stop mobile enemy heroes from split pushing. Hide behind the trees and wait for a good moment to use Nightmare on your opponent. With the help of Nightmare, Enfeeble and Fiend’s Grip, your teammates should have enough time to teleport and help you make a kill.

Use Fog of War to your advantage

Late stage of the game

Focus on playing around key objectives of the game, such as Towers, Roshan and Bounty Runes. The more towers your team destroys, the easier it will be for you to rotate around the map and provide impact. Roshan is a key objective in the late-stage of the game. Having Aegis of the Immortal will make your teal a lot stronger in fights.

Keep using Smoke of Deceit. You can use this item to force a team fight or make an important kill. One good kill can decide the outcome of the game, and Bane is perfect for making single kills.

Bane 7.22 talents

Common mistakes

1)   Buying too little regen for the laning stage. It is very important for a support to purchase enough healing items to sustain the laning stage comfortably. You need to be able to trade your HP effectively with the enemy offlaner, it will allow your carry to have a free farm.

2)   Staying in the safelane for too long. Good movement is a key to win games as a support. As nighttime begins, you should aim to place good vision around the map and apply pressure on the enemy carry and midlaner.

3)   Having poor positioning in fights. Bane is very dependent on his positioning, as his key ability, Brain Sap, can be cancelled easily.

Tips & Tricks

1)   Improve your skill through watching streams, videos or replays of professional players, who pick this hero.

2)   Keep good communication with your teammates, as you need their help to make kills.

3)   Use Fog of War to your advantage. Consider getting yourself a Quelling Blade, so you can select a better position while hiding behind the trees.

4)   Do not rush to use Fiend’s Grip in team fights. If you use it too early, there is a high risk it will be cancelled. Wait for the fight to start and then use your ultimate to hold key enemy hero in place.

Best Allies & Counters

For obvious reasons, heroes who can benefit from a Nightmare setup are very good to pick in combination with Bane. Mirana with Sacred Arrow and Lina with Light Strike Array will have no troubles making kills with the help of Bane. Since Bane is a great roamer, he likes to play with active heroes, who can help him make kills all around the map.

Bane is good to pick versus heroes, who have any source of magic immunity or they like to build an early Black King Bar. He is a great counter to Juggernaut and Lifestealer, as he can prevent them from escaping easily during a gank.

Worst counters to Bane are team fight oriented heroes, heroes with illusions or heroes who have long-range spells, which can cancel Fiend’s Grip easily.

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