Last week we made an infographic, highlighting the most successful combos of carry and midlaners in 7.27d.

You had questions about some of them, so here I will explain some of the synergies these combos have.

  • Juggernaut + Dragon Knight

Most questions we had were about the Jugg+DK combo. The benefits of this combination are not as obvious as for PA+Magnus, yet the answers to its power are quite simple.

The biggest strength of this combo is the high pushing potential. WIth the help of Healing Ward, Dragon Knight is able to get tower after tower without being punished. If the enemy team wants to stop Dragon Knight from pushing, they will have to commit hard to kill Healing Ward, otherwise, their tower will get destroyed.

This simple pair of heroes was very popular during the TI13-TI14 era. Alliance was the most notable team to use Lone Druid/Dragon Knight + Juggernaut strats. The combo creates high tempo in the game, good at taking down Roshan, and suits the best for teams, who like to finish games quickly.

  • Sven + Death Prophet

There are several things that make Sven and DP good together. First off, Death Prophet benefits a lot from Waycry. Death Prophet likes to run down her opponents and any buffs that her team can provide are always good for her.

The second thing is that Sven and DP have similar timings on their peak of power. Both heroes need two to three items to get their full comfortable conditions. DP with Eul’s and BKB and Sven with Echo Sabre, BKB, and Aghanim’s Scepter are ready to go and demolish their opponents. Once both of them use their ultimates together, it is basically impossible for the enemy team to fight them back.

  • Drow Ranger + Vengeful Spirit

Is Vengeful Spirit a reliable core? Oh, sure she is! Many people questioned whether it is really a mid Venge, and she is indeed mid. The hero is actually a very decent midlaner. All you have to do as a mid Venge is to get yourself as much stats as possible and not skill stun until level 7. With Wave of Terror and Vengeance Aura, Vengeful Spirit is able to comfortably farm her key items. Later on, with items, Vengeful Spirit becomes one of the most annoying heroes in the game. Even if you kill her, she is still going to provide an insane amount of damage using her illusion.

The downside of a hero is her lack of split-pushing and farming potential. But since Drow + Venge strats are focused on finishing the game quickly, it should not become a huge issue.