We are coming back with another lovely infographic that most of you have been waiting for. Since 7.27d has been with us for a while, we have plenty of stats that we can use to highlight most successful heroes of the patch.

Today we are going to look at the most successful offlane combos of 7.27d. On the left you can see the offlaner, with roamer being close to him on the right.

With a decent advantage we have offlane NightStalker supported by roaming Luna all the way in the top of our infographic. Do not be surprised to see Luna as soft support. This hero has proved to be a very good support, as she has a mini-stun, useful passive and can deal lots of magical damage.

Tidehunter and Lina got into our list for the first time. Gush + Light Strike Array in combination with Lina’s insane damage output allows this combo to win their lane without any troubles.

Pugna and Undying, my personal #1 combo also got into top-7. Ever wanted to piss your opponents off? Try this combo! Use Decays to decrease the HP of the enemy hero, then burst down this enemy with the help of Decrepify, Nether Blast, and Soul Rip. Insanely strong combo!

Offlane duos with highest win rate in 7.27d