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New Dota 2 Items Guide by Roles

Items play a huge role in Dota 2. You may master your last hits and denies to the level of a pro gamer, but if you do not have a clear understanding of what and when you should purchase certain items and what that item will affect, you will never become a good player. That’s why our goal here is to create an in-depth and informative guide that will be simple and easy to use for gamers of different experience levels.

As you know, items do not have strict restrictions in Dota 2, meaning that any character can buy any item as long as you have enough gold for it. And it seems pretty simple: you have made a decent number of last hits, saved up some money, and bought an item. Can it get even easier? No. How about more complicated? Sure thing it can. There are lots of crucial factors that one has to keep in mind while playing. Analyze the current match, the heroes, the situation – and based on these factors, one can make a decision of whether to buy or not buy a particular item. For example, you don’t need a Monkey King Bar (MKB), if there is not one on the enemy’s team with the ability to dodge you attack(Unless you play Windranger or Snapfire, as they can benefit a lot just from having an MKB). That is one of the reasons why people love playing this game – every match is unique and requires a special approach.

Table of contents

The First Thing to Do – Know Your Role

Probably the most important thing in this entire guide is the understanding of your role in the match. You should have a clear picture of – what role are you going to take, and what your game style will be? In this article, we have already covered all the possible options for you, so let’s not repeat ourselves. The reason why we are mentioning it now is that every role has its own unique set of items and timings for purchasing them.

That is why you should always know for sure what role you are playing, so you can purchase the right items according to your plan for the game and not chaotically buy anything that seems suitable right now. The enemy’s team analysis is also quite essential for your plan – if you took the Support role and now you see that the enemy has picked a hero with invisibility, it is time to adjust your “purchasing list” by adding Sentry Wards and Dust of Appearance. That means that you will have to spend some gold on these items particularly, and your long-wanted, say, Arcane Boots will take more time to purchase.

Most Important Items for Carry Position

So, now let us begin our guide with the, perhaps, most popular position among the majority of new players – Carry. Now you probably already know everything about this position from our guide, so let’s cut to the chase – the items that most Carry heroes need.

New Dota 2 Items Guide by Roles

Early Game

For a Carry role, gamers often take Quelling Blade (for melee heroes only), some starting stats provided by Iron Branches or other items, and, for sure, Tango. Additional stats help to lane more comfortably. The Quelling Blade increases your damage to the creeps and neutrals. This is very important as a Carry role is a very greedy one; you should take all the gold you can.

That’s why players often choose to buy the Hand of Midas to gain more gold and experience. However, if there is no such possibility, get yourself attributes – 2-3 Wraith Bands (or what’s more suitable for your hero) and Boots of Speed. Carry heroes can deal very serious damage just with this initial set of items, so don’t underestimate basic artifacts!

Mid Game

Now it’s time to purchase the items that can make your hero stronger. Such items are different for everyone. For example, Slark can be real trouble with a Shadow Blade, even if there’s nothing more. This item makes a very powerful combination with Slark’s ultimate. Also, a good example would be Phantom Lancer with the Diffusal Blade. As this hero has lots of illusions of himself, having this item at hand, the gamer can cause significant damage to the HP and MP of the opponent. Wraith King wouldn’t even stand a chance against such items! And don’t forget about the active skill!

Always remember that you still need to farm a lot. It may be wise to buy something that will increase the speed of this process – Maelstrom, Battle Fury, or Mask of Madness.

Late Game

The main goal of any Carry is to deal as much damage as possible and to get away with it successfully. That’s why it’d be wise to have some items for your survivability – like Black King Bar from magic attacks, Butterfly for attack speed and to dodge physical attacks, and Bloodthorn for guaranteed critical damage and Silence effect.

Most Important Items for Mid Position

Now, let’s proceed with the Mid lane position. Some say, this is the hardest one, as you need to have perfect creep statistics, net worth, and items, while pushing your lane, roaming to other lanes and destroying enemy’s towers. Well, that’s the ideal situation, of course. However, it is partially true – you don’t have a partner on the lane to cover you while you are making a purchasing decision. You have to make decisions immediately, based on the current state of affairs. But then again, there are certain items that are mandatory for anyone in the Mid lane. Take a look at this list below. We did not make a list for every attribute or hero; it’s just about the items that are good for everyone.

New Dota 2 Items Guide by Roles

Early Game

It is quite a popular strategy among gamers to buy Null Talisman components(or Bracer, or Wraith Band, depending on your hero’s primary attribute), as they significantly boost your damage, survivability, and defense. Usually, teammates share Tango with the Mid player. With these items, you will be able to farm a lot, harass your opponent, and effectively gain gold and experience.

Once you have your first gold, complete one or more Null Talisman/Bracer/Wraith band and then consider buying yourself a Bottle and Boots of Speed. The first one will allow you to heal yourself and restore mana (though to use it to its full potential, don’t forget to always pick up runes!), while the second will increase your mobility. You’ll be able to run away or, on the contrary, catch the enemy.

Mid Game

Once you enter the middle game, it’s time for more serious items, something that can give you an advantage over your opponents. For example, Blink Dagger will increase your mobility significantly. You’ll be able to perform a surprise attack on your enemies, catch them, or, again, escape easily. And the Eul's Scepter of Divinity will increase your mana regeneration, which is always an issue for all casting heroes. Plus, its active skill will give you some crowd control (if used on an enemy) or a way to avoid an enemy spell (if used on yourself).

One more useful item would be Orchid Malevolence. Aside from its passive bonuses, is has a very useful “Silence” skill, which makes you a very dangerous target for heroes like Storm Spirit or Anti-mage who use their skills to move quickly.

Late Game

For the late game, you need powerful artifacts that can change the outcome of the fight. If there is a lot of magic damage, then the purchase of the Black King Bar is a must. It’ll allow you to live through all enemy spells and win the battle. Also, a very good choice would be Scythe of Vyse, which gives you control over the opponent. At this stage of the game, 3.5 seconds of being a little pig can end disastrously.

Most Important Items for Support Position

It’s hard to argue that the role of support isn’t one of the most important. Wards, Tangos, Healing Salves, and Clarity –will provide good support to his teammates, providing all the help he can.

New Dota 2 Items Guide by Roles

Early Game

Supports never have a lot of money at hand. From the very beginning, you have to give Tango to your Mid lane player. If the enemy team has heroes with invisibility, you will have to buy Sentry Wards and Dust of Appearance. All that costs a lot of gold, so, usually, support players don’t have many items.

However, eventually, you will be able to purchase the artifacts. You should focus on buying items that will be helpful for the team, such as Arcane Boots and Mekansm, for example. They allow your allies to restore HP and MP. Moreover, in order to increase your survivability and to occasionally save your Carry you buy a Glimmer Cape, as this item can give you, or your ally, invisibility. Even though the time this skill is active is rather short, in Dota 2 even one second can become game-changing.

Mid Game

At this stage, you continue to buy items that can help your team. Force Staff is the item that can never be overestimated. Aside from the passive bonuses like HP regen and increase in Intellect, its active skill is extremely important in any situation: it pushes the selected target or yourself in the direction you are looking at. It is a wonderful artifact both for advancing and for the retreat. It also can be combined with some heroes’ skills, like Bloodseeker’s Rupture, to increase the amount of damage.

Some heroes may reveal their full potential with Blink Dagger. It boosts mobility significantly, which sometimes can be crucial. For example, Shadow Shaman or Lion would cause much more trouble to the enemy team with this item.

Late Game

If you’ve been able to save up some gold, then again, look for something that will bring an advantage to your team. At this stage, BKB, with its magic resistance and Lotus Orb, which creates a shield around the target, that reflects most of the directed spells back onto the enemy, will be extremely helpful against heroes with powerful nuke skills, like Lion, Lina, Terrorblade, Pudge or Sniper. If you still have some gold, you can build up your power by purchasing Scythe of Vyse.

Most Important Items for Offlane Position

Offlane role is very complicated as you are there alone. That is why your items and your skill are the only help on the way to victory.

New Dota 2 Items Guide by Roles

Early Game

Just like for Carry, if your hero has a melee type of attack, Quelling Blade will make your lane stage much easier. With this item, you should purchase some items, which will provide you additional stats. Headdress or Buckler are great options.

In case there is a lot of magical damage, consider purchasing Hood of Defiance. It will give you enough magic resistance to live through the casts and strike back. Vanguard is a very common option in the hard lane. It makes you more resilient.

Mid Game

Now, it’s high time to turn that Hood into the Pipe of Insight, so you will not only reduce magical damage but also share this anti-magical shield with your teammates. This is a very effective way to spoil a team fight for the enemy’s mages like Invoker. The Vanguard you can upgrade to Crimson Guard. This item is very useful against physical damage, as it gives your allies armor and a 100% chance of blocking a portion of an incoming attack.

If you are always in the middle of a fight, think about Blade Mail. Its ability to return any damage to the unit that caused it may change the battle in a second. This item is a must-have for heroes like Axe, who are jumping right into hell. Speaking of jumping – don’t forget about Blink Dagger! How else will you appear in front of your enemy?

Late Game

Nice items in the late stage of the match for an Offlane hero would be something that allows him to live through the battle. Black King Bar against magic attack, Heart of Tarrasque to skyrocket your survivability, or Assault Cuirass, a great artifact for the whole team. It increases the armor and attack speed of allied buildings and creatures while reducing the armor of nearby enemies.

To Sum Up

As you now most definitely understand, it takes a lot of knowledge, experience, and practice to be a successful Dota 2 player. You should know what roles are presented there, how to play accordingly, know every item in the shop, and understand when it is better to purchase a particular item. That isn’t something that you can achieve overnight. It’ll take a lot of lost games before you start winning. But you can make the process faster!

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