Spectre has been a pain in the ass for a long time. Even though the hero suffered several significant nerfs, she still has one of the highest win rates among all skill brackets.

Why is the hero so good? First off, even though Spectre is not a very strong laner, dispersion makes it very hard to zone her away from the lane. The longer the game goes, Spectre becomes stronger and stronger. It is an ultimate late-game hero.

Best counters to Spectre by roles:

  • Carry: Anti-Mage, Alchemist, Lifestealer
  • Mid: Viper, Alchemist, Lycan
  • Offlane: Underlord, Slardar, Batrider
  • Soft Support: Elder Titan, Treant Protector, Phoenix
  • Hard Support: Chen, Io, Jakiro

The downside of Spectre is that she can’t farm very fast. It makes Anti-Mage and Alchemist two best counters to the hero. By the time Spectre can get Manta Style, both AM and Alch can already be one or even two slots ahead.

For the same reason, pushing strats work very well vs Spectre. So Chen and Jakiro have good chances of finishing the game before Spectre even gets online.

How to win vs Spectre?

Spectre is pretty much a non-factor hero in the first 20 minutes of the game. By the time she gets her first major item, your goal is to take as many objectives as possible and secure an advantage in the game. Play actively, push towers, outfarm her.

The best timing to finish the game vs Spectre is around the 25th to 30th minute.

tl;dr Pick either pushing heroes, or heroes, who farm very fast. Play actively, aim to finish the game quickly.

Drow Ranger

Drow has been among the most popular carry heroes for a while. Decent laner, who can deal a tremendous amount of damage during fights. She is also good at pushing and farming at a decently fast rate.

Best counters to Drow Ranger by roles:

  • Carry: Chaos Knight, Riki, Spectre
  • mid: Lycan, Sniper, Arc Warden
  • offlane: Mars, Nature’s Prophet, Bloodseeker
  • soft support: Clockwerk, Earth Spirit, Tusk
  • hard support: Winter Wyvern, Shadow Demon, Spirit Breaker

Drow Ranger is countered by heroes, who can jump on her during fights. Once you come close to her, she stops benefiting from Marksmanship. Illusion or unit-based heroes are also a huge problem for Drow. Lycan, Phantom Assassin or Riki have no trouble chasing and demolishing Drow Ranger in fights.

How to win vs Drow Ranger?

Drow Ranger is a very immobile hero. She is very vulnerable to ganks. Aim to gank and kill her over other opponents. Once Drow makes teleport to one side of the map you should aim to follow her immediately.

Drow is not very strong before she gets her key items. Without Manta Style, Shadow Blade, or Hurricane Pike she has trouble selecting a comfortable position in fights. Prioritize forcing fights before Drow gets one of these items.

The best timing to win against Drow Ranger is around the 20th to 30th minute.