Last week we looked at the most successful midlaners in the EU and NA regions. It is obvious that many players have trouble countering these heroes. In this article, we will give you some clue on how to deal with them.


As you can predict, all the heroes in this list are going to be one of the most beloved by boosters. We start off with Broodmother, one of the most popular last-pick booster heroes.

Best counters to Broodmother by roles:

carry: Sven, Naga Siren, Phantom Lancer

mid: Meepo, Kunkka, Tiny

offlane: Legion Commander, Batrider, Sand King

soft support: Winter Wyvern, Spirit Breaker, Earthshaker

hard support: Winter Wyvern, Keeper of the Light, Grimstroke

Broodmother gets countered by any AoE damage as well as long duration single-target disables. Winter Wyvern is one of the best counters to Brood, as she can both hold Brood in place and kill her spiders.

How to win vs Broodmother?

Playing against Brood you should realize two things:

  • It is very hard to stop her in the first 10 mins of the game. A good Brood player is always going to get decent farm
  • The hero is very dependent on having a lot of spiders

Do not force your team into an early unnecessary movement. Get level 6 on both supports and then smoke up with three or four heroes. Find the Brood, kill her, place some good aggressive vision. Brood gameplay is very straightforward. She is always going to farm neutral until she gets items. Place vision over neutral camps, slay her once you see her.

The best timings to go for Brood are around 10th to 13th minutes. At this time, a good Brood player should be about to finish Diffusal but still be miles away from Black King Bar. If you stop her at this time, Brood is going to have her gameplay ruined.

Once Brood gets BKB, your goal is to force her to use as many BKB charges as possible. With 5-second BKB Brood becomes a non-factor.

During fights, aim to use your AoE spells to kill Spiders. Brood is very dependent on her spider army, especially after she reaches level 20.

tl;dr Use Smoke of Deceit around 10-13th minute marks to kill Brood and set up vision around camps she farms. Make her waste BKB charges, aiming to kill Spiders in fights.


Clinkz, the ultimate boosting hero. Since people in ranked rarely play as a team, Clinkz boosters can use the hero to get all the way to top-2000 or further.

However, the hero is actually very easy to counter.

Best counters to Clinkz by roles:

Carry: Naga Siren, Phantom Lancer, Chaos Knight

mid: Lycan, Tinker, Arc Warden

offlane: Slardar, Bounty Hunter, Bloodseeker

soft support: Earth Spirit, Spirit Breaker, Tiny

hard support: Winter Wyvern, Shadow Demon, Vengeful Spirit

Clinkz can barely do anything against illusion based heroes. Bloodseeker is a great counter to Clinkz, as he is both in the meta right now and is able to stop Clinkz from running away in fights.

How to win vs Clinkz?

Clinkz is very vulnerable to ganks. He can get killed by a roamer at any time until he gets to level 6. Clinkz has such poor mobility, he has no chances of running away if he gets caught away from the tower.

Clinkz is good at finding solo kills. How do you not give him solo kills? Group up with your teammates and push together. Pushing strategies are the best if you play against Clinkz. Remember, that Clinkz is very bad at farming and team fighting, all he can do is to find some solo kills and use it to get fat.

tl:dr Pick illusion based carry and group up with your team early. Pushing strats destroy Clinkz players.