In this collection, we have identified one character for each core role, which perfectly proves themselves throughout the current patch.

1. Luna

Luna is definitely the strongest carry of the current patch. The passive abilities of this hero make it possible to quickly farm neutrals and catch up with opponents even after the completely lost stage of the lining.

Thanks to Aghanim Shard, she has the ability to do a huge amount of damage in fights from a long distance, which makes her a great hero against illusionists.

Simply saying, the introduction of such a strong Aghanim Shard affected the skill and item builds of this character. Talents should now be selected to enhance the Lucent Beam ability, and stat items such as Eye of Skadi have been replaced with Daedalus.

How can IceFrog weaken Luna? Most likely, this character will have a nerf shard, as well as a weakening of the Lunar Blessing passive ability at early levels.

2. Lina

Lina is a versatile mid, which is allowed to pick even at an early stage of the draft. The combination of physical and magical damage makes it effective at every stage of the game. The main feature of this character is one of the largest ranges and attack speeds in the game.

The early purchase of Black King Bar (immediately after Boots of Travel) displaced Eul's Scepter from the meta, which was purchased for a combination with the second ability. This item build makes it possible to feel confident at an early stage of the game, and also accelerates the purchase of items, such as Daedalus or Monkey King Bar, for damage boost.

As for the Lina ref, the attack and movement speed from Fiery Soul will most likely be reduced.

3. Axe

Axe can be called the king of the offlaners of the current patch. A strong Aghanim Shard in combination with Manta Style allowed this hero to cause a huge amount of damage in fights and act not only as an initiator, but also as a damage dealer.

It is worth noting, that you need to be careful with the choice of such an item build, since for the purchase of such items you need to take a large amount of farm from your allies. You need to clearly understand when the choice of Manta Style + Shard is justified, and when it is necessary to buy an ordinary Blade Mail and be, roughly speaking, an ordinary frontliner and initiator. For the most part, it depends on the choice of allied heroes. You should not start making Manta Style if there are already greedy kerry and midder in your team.

It would be logical to swap the effects from Aghanim's shard and Aghanim's Sceptr for the nerf of Axe.

Write in the comments what, in your opinion, nerfs we can expect in the upcoming updates.