Recently, heroes in absolutely unusual roles have been appearing more and more often in Dota. Today we would like to analyze in more detail several such examples that were used not only in public matches, but also on the pro scene.

Hard Support Faceless Void

Some time ago, it was very difficult to imagine such a kerry as Faceless Void in the role of support. The meta is changing and more and more new ideas are appearing.

The main feature of this hero is the ability of Time Dilation and, accordingly, the entire gameplay is built around this skill.

At the laning stage, we buy Orb of Venom and try to actively harass our rivals. Time Walk helps us to save resources and instantly restore health. After getting the 3rd level and the second Time Dilation leveling, we begin to monitor the use of enemy abilities in order to maximize our slowdown and damage.

When receiving an ultimatum, we immediately try to find a good moment on the map for the implementation of Chronosphere. The most important thing that we must understand is that ultimate is not our main ability. It is not worth playing from this incredibly long recharge.

Try to always be close to the most active allies, constantly in fights and use Time Dilation. By the 20th minute of the game, try to buy Aghanim's Shard. This item will significantly increase mobility.

Middlaner Keeper of the Light

Keeper of the Light began to be used as a mider after changing the time of the first ability's caste.

At the laning stage, this hero is engaged exclusively in the farming of creeps. He actively pushes the line with the first ability and then quickly cleans the nearest neutral camps.

As for the initial purchase, the only option here is to purchase three Null Talismans. These items slightly increase the magic damage and allow you to kill the entire pack of creeps with the first ability, which saves a lot of time and speeds up the farming. This is usually followed by purchases of Boots of Travel and Dragon 5. Experienced players using this hero often buy Blink Dagger to be able to take an advantageous position in fights.

Offlaner Vengeful Spirit

The last few patches of IceFrog gradually strengthen the Vengeful Spirit. After the recent changes to Nether Swap, the hero began to appear in the role of an offline player.

The main feature of this character is the quick purchase of Aghanim's Scepter. This item allows you to act as aggressively as possible during fights. After death, the illusion from Vengeance Aura completely replaces the hero, which does not allow the opponent's team to be in the majority even after a successful start of the fight.