Most players are probably already tired of such a broken neutral item as Flicker. His advantage cannot be underestimated in any match. This item significantly increases the mobility of the owner, and most importantly, it allows you to dispel most of the negative effects. This is one of the few items that is suitable for both core heroes and supports.

Possible nerfs. Remove the ability to dispel negative effects. Even in this form, Flicker will remain a good option for supports, which makes it possible to instantly change the position during fights and immediately move away from the focus of opponents.

Increase the recharge. 4 seconds is incredibly fast. Even if the Flicker is doubled in recharge, it will remain very useful in most situations.

And, the most unlikely thing is removal from the game, as it happened with Helm of the Undying.

Dota 2: Items that should be loosened in patch 7.30


Sange, Sange and Yasha, Kaya and Sange are some of the most meta items for core heroes. Status Resistance in combination with Lifesteal Amplification gives a strong boost at the middle stage of the game and makes the already mobile heroes more elusive.

Out of the likely nerfs, the first thing that suggests itself is a decrease in the Status Resistance by at least 4 percent or an increase in the cost of the Recipe by 100-150 gold.

Aeon Disc

Invulnerability for 3000 gold! Almost all core players know the situation when, having 6 slots, you can't quickly kill an enemy support. It's not fair to buy a Nullifier ( which costs 4725) in order to cope with supports that have one item.

Probable nerfs. The most logical weakening of this item would be to remove the Strong Dispel during triggering, as well as reduce the temporary Status Resistance.

Such a nerf would leave this item useful for most heroes, but at the same time it would increase the number of mechanics that would become effective against heroes with Aeon Disc.