Win rate increase +5.17%

Clinkz received several changes that completely changed the purpose of the hero. From a nuker, who, after buying key items, began to actively move around the map and make solo kills, Clinkz turned into a full-fledged carry, with a late-game potential.

The new first ability of BURNING BARRAGE has strengthened both the farm and teamfight potential of this hero. Now Clinkz is able to deal a huge amount of AOE damage in fights and cope with illusionists with the right item build. Such pleasant changes made him effective not only in public games, but also gave him the opportunity to unleash his potential on the professional stage.


Win rate increase +4.13%

Lycan has received a lot of small, but no less pleasant apes in the new patch. The most important strengthening of this hero was a significant change in the Helm of the Overlord item.

All these changes moved the hero from the position of carry to offlane, but the style of game remained the same. Thanks to his passive ability Feral Impulse and the quick purchase of Helm of the Iron Will, it is almost impossible to kick him off the line and prevent him from farming.

Lycan is still an incredibly strong split-pusher and a hero who is most effective at the middle stage of the game.


Win rate increase +4.23%

Slark has received several minor changes in this patch. Strengthened talents, in combination with Dark Pact, pleasantly increased the farm speed of this hero,and reducing the cooldown of the ultimate ability allowed him to participate in fights more often and made him more active

In addition to the changes of the hero himself, such items as Mage Slayer and Silver Edge were strengthened.

Oblivion Staff, which is now required to purchase Mage Slayer, eliminates the lack of mana regeneration in Slark.

Crystalys, which became part of Silver Edge, made this item more effective in the late stage of the game.

Undoubtedly, the combination of these changes has made this hero more useful in ranked matches, but it is unlikely that this will be enough for Slark to be able to unleash his full potential on the competitive stage.

Do you agree with IceFrog’s nerfs? Were there any heroes who deserved bigger increases? Share your thoughts in the comments.