Roaming Mirana is one of the most annoying heroes to play against. Not only can she set up kills easily with the help of Sacred Arrow and its 5 seconds stun duration, but she also forces enemy supports to buy lots of Dusts and Sentries to counter Moonlight Shadow.

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Role in the game

Mirana is a versatile hero, who may be used in all 5 positions. The most common role for her is a roamer. In this role, she can set up kills, get herself necessary items, and provide a lot of impact throughout the game.

The purpose of roaming Mirana in the game is to rotate all around the map and seek kills with the help of Sacred Arrow. Later in the game, Mirana provides decent split pushing potential and can set up good fights with the help of Moonlight Shadow.


Starstorm damages opponents with a wave of meteors in an AoE around Mirana. The meteor will hit twice a single closest target to Mirana, dealing 525 magical damage at its max level.

Sacred Arrow deals damage and stuns a single target. The longer the arrow flies, the more damage and for the longer duration it will stun an opponent. The arrow can kill any neutral, lane creeps, and summoned or dominated unit.

Дота 2 гайд: Мирана. Как играть на Миране| GOSU.AI

Leap is Mirana’s mobility tool. The spell makes Mirana leap forward, allowing her to jump over any kind of texture. The spell has three charges.

Moonlight Shadow makes Mirana and her teammates invisible for the duration of the ultimate. Use this ability to set up ganks or save your teammates in critical situations.


For your starting items, your goal is to get yourself as many stats as possible. The reasoning about this is that Mirana herself is not very good at trading HP, so it is necessary for her to have more health and damage to do so.

On the starting gold get yourself Circler, Slippers of Agility, two Iron Branches, a set of Tangoes, and a Faerie Fire.

In the early-game purchase Magic Wand, Bottle, Boots of Speed and start working on Eul’s of Divinity.

Дота 2 гайд: Мирана. Как играть на Миране| GOSU.AI

As mid-game begins, finish Eul’s, and start building Mekansm and Arcane Boots. Your goal is to get yourself full Guardian Greeves by the end of the mid-game.

In the late-game, buy Force Staff and follow it up with Ethereal Blade and Scythe of Vyse.


The biggest strength of Mirana is that she can both roam and farm at the same time, without losing too much time.

Once you come to the lane use Sacred Arrow immediately to kill the ranged creep. It is going to make the lane push towards your opponents, which will allow you and your lane partner to play more aggressively. Use the second Sacred Arrow to kill the big neutral creeps of the nearest big neutral camp. This will let you get yourself the necessary early levels and items.

In case the big neutral camp is blocked, bring yourself a Sentry Ward and deward it. Stack it every minute and keep farming big neutral creeps, while effectively trading with the enemy support in the meantime.

Once the timer hits 3:35 start moving towards the active rune. Help your midlaner secure it and try to set a kill with the help of Sacred Arrow. You should become that annoying guy, who just runs around the map and uses Arrow from all possible angles.

Дота 2 гайд: Мирана. Как играть на Миране| GOSU.AI

Once the minute 5 siege creeps go out, move to either midlane or safelane to destroy these Siege Creeps. The possibility of killing Siege Creeps is one of the biggest strengths of Mirana.

Once you get to level 6 you can start using Moonlight Shadow to set up kills. Ask your teammates to move outside of enemy vision and use ultimate. The easiest way to set up a kill is to ask your teammates to stun the target and then follow it up with Sacred Arrow.

Your biggest power spike comes once you finish Eul’s Scepter of Divinity. With this item, Mirana can easily set up kills by herself. Simply Eul’s the target, use Leap away, and hit the Sacred Arrow on the timing.

With Guardian Greeves and other team fight oriented items, Mirana becomes an ultimate team fighting hero, that is super important for a team.

The high mobility of Mirana allows her to split push lanes effectively and create a lot of space on the map for her teammates.

Allies and counters

Mirana works best with heroes, who can set up for successful Sacred Arrows. She is great in combination with Bane, Shadow Demon, Faceless Void, Kunkka, Ember Spirit, and many other heroes.

Mirana is countered by illusion based heroes since she can’t do anything to them. PL, Naga, CK works very well against Mirana. Abaddon and Omniknight work perfectly against Mirana, as they can dispel Sacred Arrow.