Today we are going to talk about a very active carry hero, who is known for his high magical damage and insane strength in late-game. Welcome - Gyrocopter.

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Role in the game

Gyrocopter is very popular in the position of a carry. Sometimes, he may also be used in the middle lane or as a roamer.

The purpose of Gyrocopter in the game is to provide high magical damage in early fights to increase the pace of the game and gain an advantage for his team.


Rocket Barrage deals an insane amount of magical damage. It is very useful in early and mid-game fights. Damage from barrage splits between all nearest targets. It is best to use this spell when only one enemy is near.

Homing Missile launches a rocket, which stuns the target and deals magical damage. Rocket flies faster as time progresses. You may use Force Staff on a rocket to make it stun the target faster.

Flak Cannon is your farming and fighting tool. The spell makes Gyrocopter attack all the nearest targets in his vision. The spell helps Gyro to farm stacks of neutrals and deal a lot of damage in team fights.

Call Down launches two missiles, which attack in a huge AoE. Missiles deal damage and also apply slow de-buff.

Dota 2 guides: Gyrocopter. How to play Gyrocopter | GOSU.AI


For your starting gold, you should get yourself two sets of Tangoes, Circler, Slippers of Agility, Iron Branch, and Faerie Fire. With this item build, you will get lots of stats and a decent amount of healing items.

In the early-game, your goal is to get two Wraith Bands, Phase Boots, Magic Wand, and Drum of Endurance. This set of items allow Gyrocopter to fearlessly participate in the early fights and demolish opponents with his high magical damage.

Your two core items in the mid-game are Aghanim’s Scepter and Black King Bar. Aghanim’s makes Gyro farm a lot faster, while Black King Bar helps him to run in the middle of the fights without being afraid of any nukes and disables.

In the late-game, you only have to finish Satanic, Butterfly, and Divine Rapier. Do not be surprised to see Rapier in the build, it is actually a necessity to get this item on Gyro when the game goes into very late-stage. Otherwise, you are going to lack damage. With the help of Satanic and Butterfly, you should have enough sustain not to give away the Divine Rapier.

Dota 2 guides: Gyrocopter. How to play Gyrocopter | GOSU.AI


Homing Missile is your key fighting tool during the laning stage. Use the missile on the enemy offlaner or a roamer to allow your support to get a favorable HP trade. Anytime your opponent makes a positional error you can try to kill him with the help of Rocket Barrage.

Gyrocopter is very strong in the early stage of the game. Thanks to his high magical damage output he can easily secure victories in early fights. Convert these fights into towers to get territorial advantage on the map.

As mid-stage begins you should start focusing more on farming. Gyrocopter can clear stacks of neutrals very efficiently with the help of Flak Cannon. You should always ask your teammates to make stacks for you and do so yourself as well.

Aim to attack the closest targets during fights, allow Flak Cannon to do the rest of the job.

Keep in mind that Gyro gets insanely strong with items. Even if the game goes badly you can always turn it around the Divine Rapier purchase.

Dota 2 guides: Gyrocopter. How to play Gyrocopter | GOSU.AI

Allies and counters

No doubt, the best hero you can pick in combination with Gyrocopter is Io. These two heroes can work very well together. Elder Titan is also a great support for Gyro, as he enables his magical damage with Natural Order.

The best counters to Gyrocopter are heroes, who can ignore his magical damage, such as Lifestealer and Juggernaut. Underlord is very good against Gyro as he cuts his damage output with Atrophy Aura.