Today we are going to talk about one of the strongest carry heroes of the current patch. This hero gained insane popularity among tier-1 and tier-2 teams in recent weeks. The hero of our today’s guide is Faceless Void.

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Role in the game

Faceless Void is a core hero. Most often he is picked in the carry position. However, he may also work as an offlaner or midlaner.

The purpose of Faceless Void in the game is to provide disable and increase the team fighting potential of his team.


Time Walk is a defensive and mobility tool of Faceless Void. The spell helps Void to initiate fights or escape in critical situations. The spell returns all the damage that Void took in the previous 2 seconds.

Time Dilation extends the cooldown of abilities of enemy heroes. For every extended cooldown, Faceless Void also applies a 10% movement and attack slow de-buffs. The spell works best against heroes, who have many active abilities or escapes.

Time Lock grants Faceless Void a chance to bash an opponent and make an additional hit on each attack that Void makes. The spell significantly increases the damage output of Void.

Chronosphere is the key ability of Faceless Void. By using this ability Faceless Void creates a bubble, which stops all units inside of it except for Void himself. The spell makes Faceless Void one of the strongest team fighting heroes in the game.

Dota 2 guides. How to play Faceless Void | GOSU.AI


For your starting gold, you should get a Healing Salve, set of Tangoes, Circlet, Quelling Blade, and two Iron Branches. This build gives you a lot of stats and a decent amount of healing to sustain in the lane. Make sure to bring any additional healing items later into the laning stage if you will need them.

In the early stage of the game, your standard build is two Wraith Bands into Hand of Midas into Power Treads into Magic Wand. This build works well in almost any game with very few exceptions.

Follow your early build with Maelstorm and Black King Bar into Mjollnir in the middle stage of the game. With BKB and Mjollnir, you are going to have enough survivability and damage to provide a lot of impact in fights.

In the late-game, you have to get yourself Satanic, Butterfly, and Daedalus and your build is complete.

Dota 2 guides. How to play Faceless Void | GOSU.AI

There are many alternative builds for Faceless Void. For example, if you play against Medusa, Morphling, or Wraith King it is always a good idea to go for Diffusal Blade into Manta Style build. In case you play against many stuns and nukes and need a fast Black King Bar, you may skip Midas and go for Mask of Madness into BKB build.

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Faceless Void is one of the strongest carries in Dota 2. The reasoning behind this is very simple - the hero is good in the lane, can be quite useful in early-game, and becomes insanely strong in the mid and late stages of the game.

First thing first, the game for Void starts with a Bounty Rune fight. Thanks to Time Walk, Faceless Void is able to steal the Bounty Rune from his opponents and then get to safety. Aim to steal the enemies Bounty, use Time Walk to a safe spot, and then teleport or walk back to your tower.

Time Walk is your key tool in the lane. Use it to restore health and trade effectively with your opponents. With two points in Time Lock, you become very dangerous. Cooperate with your support and try to make killing attempts together.

Once you get to level 6 you can try searching for an attempt to use Chronosphere effectively. Usually, it is best to use the first Chrono on your lane without making any rotations. Call a rotation from your supports or a midlaner and make a kill together.

Your key job as Faceless Void is to farm your items efficiently. Get yourself a Hand of Midas and use it to farm your other major items, such as Power Treads, Magic Wand, and a Maelstorm.

Dota 2 guides. How to play Faceless Void | GOSU.AI

Play around the purchase time of your key items. Got a Maelstorm? Use Smoke and take a fight. Got BKB? Repeat the smoke move. The best conditions for Void to dominate the map is when he gets both Black King Bar and Mjollnir.

Be careful when using Chronosphere in fights. Make sure not to catch your teammates inside of it.

Allies and counters

Void is picked best with heroes, who can deal damage inside the Chronosphere. The best heroes in combination with Faceless Void are Phoenix, Invoker, Snapfire, Lich and Jakiro.

The best counters to Faceless Void in the lane are Venomancer and Beastmaster. These heroes can apply a lot of pressure on him. Naga Siren counters Void with Song counter-initiation, while heroes like Meepo can destroy Void in the mid-game.