Today we are going to talk about an insanely strong carry, who may deal a tremendous amount of physical damage in fights. The hero has a disable, can move quickly in fights, and may single-handedly destroy the enemy team. The hero of our today’s guide is Sven.

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Role in the game

The main role of Sven in the game is carry. He may also be used in positions of roamer or offlaner.

The purpose of Sven in the game is to counter illusion based heroes and instantly kill key enemy heroes in fights with the help of insane damage output.


Storm Hammer is a powerful disable, which works in a decent area of effect. Keep in mind that the spell has a very slow flight animation, so some heroes have a chance to dodge it with their escaping abilities.

Great Cleave is a powerful farming tool. Cleave helps Sven to clear neutral camps very fast starting from the very early stage of the game. Cleave also makes Sven one of the best counters to illusion based heroes.

Warcry provides bonus armor and movement speed for Sven and his allies. The spell has a very low mana cost so you can use it often to move around the map and farm faster.

God’s Strength is the key ability of Sven, which makes him very strong in fights. The spell provides bonus damage for Sven for 40 seconds. The spell is very good for farming, killing Roshan, and demolishing enemy heroes.

Dota 2 guides. How to play Sven | GOSU.AI


For your starting gold, you should get yourself a Quelling Blade, set of Tangoes, Healing Salve, Ring of Protection, and two Iron Branches.

In the early-game, your goal is to get yourself Boots of Speed for the extra mobility and then go straight into Hand of Midas. Midas is very good on Sven, as it increases his attack speed and lets him get to level 18 faster. Finish the early-game build with Phase Boots and Magic Wand.

In the mid-game use the farming potential of Sven to get yourself all the necessary fighting items, such as Echo Sabre, Black King Bar, and Aghanim’s Scepter.

The best late-game items for Sven are Assault Cuirass, Daedalus, and Satanic.

Dota 2 guides. How to play Sven | GOSU.AI


The first thing you need to realize as Sven is that you are not very strong in the early stages of the game. Sven gets stronger with items and levels.

Your goal during the laning stage is to ensure as many last-hits as you can to get yourself necessary early-game items. Once you secured yourself level 7 you can start clearing nearest neutral camps alongside lane creeps. You should always aim to farm as much as possible. Once you get yourself a Hand of Midas you can leave the lane completely and start farming a jungle. Use God’s Strength to speed up your farming. Use it to farm stacks of neutrals, ancient camps preferably.

You get your first power spike with the addition of Echo Sabre. With this item, you can consider running on your opponents with the help of Warcry and God’s Strength. Keep in mind that Sven should always keep a balance between fighting and farming. If you farm for too long the enemy team might take control over the map, but if you fight too much you may under farm and become useless.

Your ideal timing to win the game is when you purchase Black King Bar and Aghanim’s Scepter. With these two items, Sven becomes insanely strong.

Dota 2 guides. How to play Sven | GOSU.AI

Allies and counters

Sven is a great counter pick to illusion based heroes or heroes with units. He is one of the best counter picks to Dark Seer in the game, as he can dominate against him in the lane without any real effort.

The best counters to Sven are mobile heroes or heroes who can stop his initiation and waste his BKB timing. Winter Wyvern, Shadow Demon, Batrider are excellent heroes against Sven.