Faceless Void is no doubt the most popular carry of the patch. He is one of these heroes, who has everything - escape, mobility, team fight. He lanes very well against any other hero, and may single-handedly win the game in the late stage of the game.

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Role in the game

Faceless Void is your typical core hero. As many of you know, he is mostly played in the carry position, however, he may also be used as an offlaner or even midlaner in rare cases.

The purpose of Faceless Void in the game is to lock his opponents inside the Chronosphere, allowing your team to kill them.


Time Walk is a mobility tool, which allows Void to move faster around the map and escape in critical situations. On use, the spell moves to a target location, returning any damage he took in the past 2 seconds.

Time Dilation is a great counter to heroes with Blink or many active spells. It slows the cooldown of all abilities that enemy heroes currently have on cooldown. The spell works in decent AoE around Faceless Void.

Time Lock works passively and gives Faceless Void a chance to proc a stun on each attack. Keep in mind that one Time Lock attack can trigger another one.

Chronosphere is a signature ability of Faceless Void that makes him so strong in all patches. The spell creates a bubble that stops any targets inside, including Void’s teammates. Only Faceless Void and his units can walk inside of the Chronosphere.

Dota 2 guides: Faceless Void. How to play Faceless Void carry| GOSU.AI


On your starting gold, you should purchase Quelling Blade, Healing Salve, Tango, Slipper of Agility, Iron Branch, and Faerie Fire. FF became very popular in the recent patch, as this item does not only provide two damage but can also save your life in a critical situation.

You have two scenarios for your item build in the early-game. First off, you can go for default x2 Wraith Band into Power Treads into Magic Wand into Mask of Madness. In case you have a bad lane, or a very good lane, it is always a great idea to skip the second Wraith Band and go directly for Mask of Madness. Doing so will allow you to leave the lane very early and start generating a lot of gold in the jungle.

In the mid-game, your core items are Monkey King Bar, Aghanim’s Scepter, and Black King Bar. Not a single item in the game gives as much damage as MKB in the mid-stage of the game.

As the late-game begins, disassemble Mask of Madness and use its components to build Satanic and Butterfly. Finish off your build with Daedalus.

Dota 2 guides: Faceless Void. How to play Faceless Void carry| GOSU.AI


Faceless Void has decent base damage and both escaping and attacking abilities. So based on the match up, you can aim to either steal the Bounty Rune from your opponents or to fight them with the help of support and take the Bounty afterward.

The most important thing during the early stage of the laning stage is to ensure last-hits of ranged creeps. As you can guess, Faceless Void doesn’t have any spells that allow them to do so. In order not to allow your opponent to deny ranged creeps, ask your support to ensure the last-hit of them with the help of a nuke.

If you lane against a melee offlaner it is often a good idea to get yourself an Orb of Venom. With two points in Time Lock, you should aim to go on the enemy offlaner whenever he comes close to you.

Once you get to level 6 and get two Wraith Bands and Power Treads you should aim to use Chronosphere to get a kill. It is best to do so by making a teleport to the offlane and killing the enemy carry. Destroy the enemy tier-1 safelane tower in order to open space for yourself in the enemy jungle.

Your gameplay should be fairly easy. While Chrono is on cd - focus on farming, when Chrono is ready - seek for opportunities to use it and get some advantage by destroying a tower afterward once you get a kill or two.

With Monkey King Bar you get to your first power spike. With this item, you can single-handedly kill any hero on the map. With MKB ask your teammates to use Smoke of Deceit to set up a fight. Try to always get some objective after a successful fight, let it be Roshan or a Tower.

Dota 2 guides: Faceless Void. How to play Faceless Void carry| GOSU.AI

Aghanim’s Scepter enables Void in a new way, allowing him to take fights with Chronosphere on cooldown. It is not necessary to fight at all times with Agh’s, but it is still an option for you.

By the time you get Black King Bar you reach your ultimate power spike, which you should use either to finish the game or get a total advantage over the enemy team.

The later the game goes, the stronger Faceless Void becomes. Keep an eye on the enemy items. In case your opponents get many Aeon Disks, it is a great option for Void to go for Nullifier.

Allies and counters

The best counter to Faceless Void in the lane are Beastmaster and Venomancer. However, if you play Void quite often you should learn how to lane against these heroes. Beast can fall off if you play aggressive in the early levels. While Veno can’t apply a lot of pressure on you in the early stage of the laning stage, so you can get Mask of Madness early and start farming the jungle.

Void is best in combination with heroes, who can provide damage in Chronosphere, such as Lich, Snapfire, and Phoenix.